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Episode 31





Belle was standing outside her father''s hospital room holding a cell phone up to her ear and crying as she prayed her mother would pick up at the other end of the line.

"Hello," Marlena said.

"Mom... It's Dad... He's... He's..." Belle said crying too hard to get the words out.

"No, not John," Marlena said, her mouth agape as she turned to look at Roman and the rest of them stopped and stared wondering what bad news about John Black awaited Marlena on the other end of the phone call.

Roman put his arm around Marlena knowing he couldn't protect her from whatever bad news she was getting but wanting to help her get through it just the same.

"Belle," Marlena said setting aside her concern for her husband for that of their child. "Calm down. It will be all right. Just tell me what happened."

"Oh... OK... well... you see... after... you left... today," Belle said through tears. "Dad... he started to move... He moved his hand when I was here."

"He's coming back to us. Finally. That's wonderful," Marlena said sighing in relief and placing her hand flat against her heart.

"Well... no, Mom. It's not," Belle explained. "Because after... after he moved his hand... it stopped moving... And his machines started beeping... And all the nurses and doctors rushed in... They made me leave," Belle said. "Mom, I think Dad's going to die soon."

Marlena said nothing for a few seconds and covered her mouth with her face as a single tear dripped down her face.

"Belle, you've just got to keep your spirit up, all right," Marlena said smiling through tears. "I need you to keep believing in your dad. Because you know he's believing in us right now. Inside. Deep down. Whatever he is like on the outside. I'm going to leave right now and get there as soon as I can. I just need you to believe until I get there, all right, sweetie."

"O.K. Mom," Belle said as her sobbing subsided somewhat. "I'll see you soon. Bye."

"Bye, honey," Marlena said. "I love you."

Marlena closed her cell phone and fell into Roman's arms sobbing. Roman knew his search for Sami was over.

"Well, let's go," Roman said to Kate and Lucas as he shepherded Marlena toward the mansion's exit so they could hurry back on John's jet to Salem.

Tony couldn't believe his luck.

But Lucas didn't follow Roman, Marlena and Kate toward the door.

"Lucas, let's go," Roman said while Marlena continued to cry. "Are you coming or not?"

"I'm not," Lucas said.


"You're sorry?" Sami said incredously, turning to face E.J. and pounding at his chest with her fists. "No, you're not sorry. Maybe you could have been sorry before. But not now. Not after Rolf wiped your memory clean. Not after Tony has just proven that you were never here to PROTECT ME you're hear to IMPRISON ME."

Sami began to sob.

"Not after I've told you the truth which you refuse to acknowledge and you still believe that this child..."

"Samantha, I don't know what the truth is..." E.J. said pausing to wipe a tear from her cheek with his thumb. "I only know that disobeying Tony right now puts your child... or our child... if that is the case... in more danger than doing what he says."

"You're so naive," Sami said shaking her head.

"I'm naive, eh?" E.J. said. "O.K. Maybe I am naive. But I'm not CRAZY. Which is exactly what you are telling me this insane story that my family had my memory wiped clean for disobedience yet begging me to disobey my brother now."

Sami rolled her eyes but deep down sensed he might be right about this.

"Look, Samantha," E.J. said. "You have an ally in me right now. Regardless of what you think happened between us in the past. Regardless of what I think about the baby you're carrying. Regardless of our talk last night..."

E.J. let out a sigh.

"I like you, all right."

"You... LIKE... me?" Sami laughed.

"That's funny, is it?" E.J. said, his ego bruised. "Well it's true. I... I... don't know what it is about you. But I want to help you. And I think I can if you stay here."



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