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Episode 28





Sami awoke to the sound of two men arguing. At first she thought she was still dreaming as she groggily listened to them carry on.

"We need to get her into surgery now. Father may not last if we wait another five months for the umbilical cord blood. I don't know why you are fighting me on this."

"Sorry, Tony, I won't let you do that to her. Or to her innocent child."

Sami was filled with panic as she recognized the voices. It was E.J. and he was arguing with Tony Dimera, who had come to try to take her baby. At first Sami reached down beneath the bed for Stefano's diary and prepared to reveal all to Tony, but the menace in Tony's voice terrified her so much so that instead she quickly pulled her arm back without the men noticing and pretended to be asleep. Sami pulled the sheets up to her eyes while listening in horror.

"Where did your sudden interest in the innocents of this world come from, brother?" Tony asked. "You know as well as I do that this woman agreed of her own free will to Father's plan to pay her $10 million to become pregnant with this child for the sole purpose of saving Father's life."

"Do I?" E.J. muttered, but not so quiet that Tony couldn't hear him.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Tony asked.

But before E.J. could answer they heard rustling and then the murmurs of people's voices through the vents downstairs.

"Damn," Tony said. "I thought they would arrive here later than this."

"Who is they?" E.J. asked.

"Don't worry about it," Tony said. "Just keep the girl here in this room and keep her quiet. Do NOT let her get out so that they might see her."

"Why can't these people see her, Tony?" E.J. asked.

"I'll tell you later," Tony said. "Just know that Father's life depends on you following these orders."

Tony left the room to head downstairs while E.J. looked over at Samantha now sitting upright in bed clutching the sheets tightly with her hands. He pondered what to do next.



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