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Episode 17





Lucas decided he could not stand for one more second to listen to his mother coo as she flirted up a storm with Tony Dimera over their lunch at Chez Rouge.

While the two of them were blissfully unaware and lost in their own conversation, Lucas turned around to get up to leave. But just then their giggling stopped when Kate and Tony felt a middle-aged man's hands on each of their shoulders.

"Hey, just what in the HELL is going on here?" the man said.

Lucas turned around and sat back down at the table.

"Roman... hello... it's nice to see you," Kate said uncomfortably.

"Nice to see you, too, Kate," Roman said passing harsh judgment on her with his eyes and then turning his attention to Tony. "But I can't say the same thing for this bastard. Not very smart of you to come back to Salem after you broke out of jail, Dimera."

Tony smiled.

"I understand if you're not interested in being friends now that I'm back in town, Roman, but I'm a free man now and have the right to live wherever I please and be with whomever I please," Tony said looking at Kate for that last part before shifting his attention back to Roman. "But I just want you to know that in a show of good will and my interest in showing that I am an upstanding citizen of Salem, I promise I will help you however I can as you search for my brother and your daughter."

"Your brother and my daughter? E.J. and Sami? What's he talking about?" Roman said looking at Lucas.

"You haven't told him yet, Lucas?" Tony asked.

"Told me what?" Roman wanted to know.


"Look, Samantha, Rolf told me everything..." E.J. said stroking the back of her wrist and hand with his.

"Everything?" Sami said as she rolled her eyes. "Just what did that crazy doctor tell you? I want every last detail."

"Well... I can see this is upsetting to you... I'm not sure if I should bring this up right now, Samantha," E.J. said dropping her hand. "Maybe I should just let you rest."

E.J. got up off the bed to stand up but Sami pulled him back down.

"No, E.J." she said staring deeply in his eyes. "I NEED to know what Rolf told you."

Her head turned as she thought to herself, I need to know what I'm up against.

"OK... well the way I understand it, and while your figure certainly doesn't show it, that beautiful glimmer in your eye is indicative of the fact that you are currently with child... with a Dimera child, is that right?" E.J. asked.

"Yes," Sami said. "It's true. At least that's what YOU told me."

"What I told you?" E.J. said his as his eyebrow raised. "Oh boy. I really don't think I can go on, Samantha. Maybe another time."

E.J. stood up once more yet Samantha tugged on his waist to pull him back to her once more.

"Go on," Sami encouraged. E.J. nodded.

"The plan for this pregnancy with the Dimera child that you're carrying from what I understand is that the umbilical cord blood from the baby's birth is used to develop a cure for my father's illness," E.J. said.

"Yeah, that's the plan," Sami affirmed.

"Is it coming back to you, now?" E.J. said furrowing his brow at her.

"Just finish the story," she sighed.

"And the reason I am assigned to guard you is that you were having too much stress back in Salem and we brought you here for me to keep an eye on you because..."

"Because what?"

"You tried to attempt suicide," E.J. said with pity. "You were upset about something, Rolf didn't tell me what, and you almost burnt yourself alive at a cabin. And you survived but the stress of the whole ordeal put you in the hospital where you almost lost the baby."

"Pfffft," Sami shook her head. "Rolf said that, did he?"

"Yes. And also that you became pregnant because my father, Stefano Dimera, agreed to pay you $10 million if you were willing to have one of your eggs implanted with the Dimera seed and be the surrogate mother for his child," E.J. said somewhat embarrassed even though he wasn't sure why.

"WHAT?" Sami asked, so livid she shot right up out of the bed and folded her arms in front of her chest before turning back toward E.J. who had also stood up. "Rolf told you THAT! Oh how could he do this? How could Stefano do this to both of us?"

Sami's blood pressure went through the roof as she paced back and forth with a scowl enveloping her entire face.

"Samantha, I don't understand what I've said to upset you so," E.J. said attempting to calm her. "I'm so sorry..."

E.J. reached out to put his arms around her and get her to stand in one place.

"It's not true, E.J. It's not true," Sami said pounding her fists on his chest. "The truth is you... you..."

But before Sami could say more she felt a stabbing pregnancy pain and started sobbing.



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