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May Sweeps Preview




This May will provide for some interesting twists and turns that will define the rest of the Salemites lives forever. It should prove to be explosive and surprising, enjoy.

Greta, Brady, Austin, Carrie - Will Greta find true love in the arms of Brady or will she continue to be attracted to Austin. Will Carrie find out before she marries Austin? Well, all I can say is that the results are surprising. Will Greta finally learn who her father is? Watch this summer for a large storyline concerning her paternity.

Stefano, Marlena, John - Now that Stefano has amnesia and cannot recall events of the past year, will he soften and lure Marlena? Well, I can confirm that they do get close, although John will always be her soulmate and her only love. Will John's true motive for coming to Salem all those years ago be revealed? Yes, and it will involve his lovely Marlena.

Kristen, Susan, Tony, Roman - Kristen will have to choose to be with Tony or become single again, but then again there is someone else that might provide comfort, in the form of Roman Brady or maybe even the illustrious John Black. Will Susan let Kristen have her happiness? Well, no, she will masquerade as Kristen, providing much confusion for Tony, Roman, and all of Salem.

Belle, Shawn D., Jan - With the disappearance of Claire, will Belle and Shawn stick together or will this pain pull them apart. As they are suffering Jan comes to comfort Shawn, unbeknownst to him, she is holding Claire captive. Will anyone catch on to her evil plans? Yes, and it is someone she should not be messing with, to begin with.

Chelsea, Jeremy, Max, Abby - They will be heavily involved in a summer storyline of Claire's disappearance, and provide for a young spark of love and intrigue that this show needs. Jeremy decides whether or not he should join the military, which will affect his relationship with Chelsea, and the future of Max and Abby.

Jack, Jennifer, Colin - Jack and Jennifer enjoy some fun together during the summer, but not without a little interference in the form of Colin Murphy. He reveals to them that he is the illegitimate son of Stefano, which sparks an idea in Jack's head to investigate what part Colin played in the Dimera-Brady feud. While he is gone to Europe, Colin puts the moves on Jennifer, and a twist makes this storyline very worthwhile.

E.J., Sami, Lucas - E.J. offers Sami a large sum of money for his unborn child, which she denies, but he does not stop meddling in their lives. This drives Lucas to the point of confronting E.J., which may provide some shocking results. The reason for E.J.'s insistence of having his child will prove to be unexpected but logical.

Bo and Hope - They will prove pivotal in the Claire disappearance storyline and will finally enjoy an uninterrupted lovefest, which is long overdue.

Kayla, Steve, Mike - With Mike as Chief of Staff at University Hospital, he maintains a close relationship with Kayla and Steve gets very jealous, which prompts him to do something stupid. This thing may break up Steve and Kayla, but in the end, their relationship will prevail.

Lexie and Abe - Abe's blindness reappears and he will take a leave of absence from the force. Will his disability provide for Lexie to revert back to her Dimera roots? Yes, and she will not know this time how to get around these new problems.


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