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You can pick your friends...



My brother-in-law, Joe, is such an ass. He is dragging my sister-in-law off to some remote part of the US to help start a church. His church asked him to be part of the group that is going before they realized how sick mom was. The told him that he could back out, but no, he insists that they are going. "If you are not willing to forsake everything to follow the Lord, then you are not fit for the kingdom of heaven."

His wife is mom's oldest daughter. She asked mom how she would feel if they would move away and mom told her that if it were up to her, she would want them to stay, but she does not want to stand in the way of the Lord, so go ahead and go. Of course, her husband takes this as a big green light and is already trying to find housing and whatnot.

It would not bother me so much if I thought that he were truely called by God, but I don't. He has gotten really pompus lately, using cliches and preaching at people. But when it comes right down to the heart of things, he doesn't got it. For instance, our brother-in-law, Mark and his girlfriend, Sara are not Christians. Joe can't stand Sara even though he never got to know her. Never even met her. He went so far as to ask Mark's friend if Mark and Sara were sleeping together (not that it was any of his business). When Mark's friend said "yeah" Joe asked him if HE was sleeping with her too, and acted like it was some big joke. IGNORANT!

In my opinion, if Joe were truely called by God he would love the unsaved, not try to insult or embarass them into heaven. It doesn't work that way. Idiot.


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