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Secrets & Lies - Ep.5 (Skye & Lorenzo ICU)



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Secrets & Lies: Episode 5
ICU: Skye & Lorenzo
Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Written by: Ryan Chandler

Skye puts on a happy face when she steps off the elevator. She is amazed by how well the room looks. Candles provide the light for the dimly lit dining area. Skye looks around and sees rose petals forming a path that is to take her onto the terrace where Lorenzo is there to meet her.

Being a gentleman, Lorenzo walks Skye to their table, pulls out her chair and pushes her in. They sit for 5 minutes, doing nothing but stare into each other’s eyes. Finally, Lorenzo pours Skye a glass of the MetroCourt’s finest non-alcoholic wine and begins to flirt with Skye.

As Skye sips her drink, Lorenzo’s mind begins to race. Should he ask her now? How will she react? Should he wait until after dinner? Should he do it as he takes her home? What should he do? His thoughts are interrupted when their dinner arrives.

Luke on the other hand begins to suspect what Lorenzo is up to and plans to disrupt their dinner. While watching Skye and Alcazar, Luke sees something in Skye that he hasn’t seen before. Luke sees that she’s generally happy but a big part of him doesn’t want her to be happy with Alcazar.

Back out on the terrace, Lorenzo and Skye slow dance. As he places his hands on her hips, she wraps her arms around his neck.

Skye: I’ve never met anyone quite like you Lorenzo. You make me feel wanted and I love you for that. You love me despite my flaws and my insecurities and you were there for me when I almost turned to the bottle. As much as you’ve been there for me Lorenzo, where are we headed from here? I mean, do you think we could have a future together.

Lorenzo: I know we will have a future together. Skye, my love for you is unwavering. I love you for who you are, not who people want you to be. I love you for allowing me to be a part of your life and to have a piece of your heart.

Luke, now closer to the terrace knows what is about to come next. He is tempted to go interrupt, but changes his mind at the last minute.

Skye: Lorenzo….

Lorenzo: Skye….I want you in my life, I need you in my life. You are the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I want you to know exactly how much I want you in my life. Skye Chandler-Quartermaine… (Gets down on one knee) Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?

Skye: I….I….

Lorenzo: Listen. I don’t want you to answer you now. I don’t want to pressure you into saying yes. As a matter of fact, I don’t want you to say yes until you are 100% certain that you want to spend the rest of your life with me. I am giving this to you as a promise of my love. When you’re ready Skye, I want you to put this ring on your finger.

Lorenzo gets up, gives Skye a romantic kiss and asks for his driver to please take her home. Before she leaves, Skye makes a promise to Lorenzo that she will.

Luke believes that Skye didn’t say yes because she is really in love with him. However he knows that she didn’t say no, so there’s a good chance that she loves Lorenzo too.

On the next General Hospital: Secrets & Lies –

The set up to Skye and Luke’s special ICU.

Ric meets with a mystery man in New Jersey

Mac is forced to arrest Bobbie for public intoxication

Audrey pays a visit to Jason


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