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Diary Room Entries



Jack: I don't know what Will was thinking going after Marcelleus and Amy. They aren't a threat, although they are a two person alliance. I would have thought that he would have nominated Nakomis at the very least. She is very strong. She can win competitions. I completely trust her as she has given me her word. Will, Janelle and James have to be stopped.

Danielle: I am just glad that I am off the radar for now. I don't care who goes home as long as it ain't me. Who would I keep? We all know that Marci won't use the Veto so if he wins he will probably be going home. I am trying to get in good with Janelle because I think she would go til the end. She doesn't have any girlfriends here so I am trying to get in good.

Chiara: God this place is driving me insane! Hardy finally realized that he is the 4th of that group and has approached me about potentially taking one of them out. I think we can do it if he wins HOH next week. He wants to get Danielle, Jack and Nakomis together and take them out. I will definetly consider it.

Will: I am the chessmaster!!!! I got to be HOH and didn't even try. I thought about putting up Nakomis and Jack but I went to them and they told me I was safe from them for next week. I also can't vote for one of them if one of them goes up. Did you not watch the first time I played? I lied. Simple as that. I just want to show everyone how to play this game. Only the strong survive! Chilltown!

Hardy: I am not liking how this is turning out. I need to be HOH next week. Will is going to eventually go after me and I have to go after him before that happens. Danielle will be a good person to allign with as well as Chiara. Chiara is just someone that I can lead around by her nose.

Amy: WHY ME? What did Ah do to WIll to get nominated? A strategic move? Ah don't think so you Dr Evil Will. Ah will cast an evil spell on you so we can call you Evil Will. I hope you burn in Hell for nominating me against my good friend Marcelleus. He's been moody and in tears and is just no fun to be around anymore.

James: Oh my God Marcelleus just shut the hell up. You knew eventually that you would get nominated so quit your bitching. This is Marcelleus and Amy. Marcelleus is the wine. Amy is the cheese. Go home both of you.

Nakomis: I am very surprised that I am not on the block, that Will actually kept up his part of the bargain. He must want something more from it. I just can't figure it out. Veto will be interesting. Right now I think James is throwing competitions as he hasn't won to many. Hardy too. I would not be surprised if they won next time and I was nominated. Janelle well, I can't seem to find any common ground with her so I stopped trying to talk to her. We both smoke so thats about it. That's the only time I see her.

Marcelleus: I hate that Evil, dirty, botox filled, black short wearing, comb your hair doctor than anyone in this lifetime. I can't believe that I am once again nominated against Amy. I want to stay yet I don't want to campaign against her. If it's the last thing I do, I will blow this house out of the water....

Janelle: Well, I think things are going really well. I dodged a bullet last week. I know I shouldn't trust Will, but I trust him more than James because of all the stuff from last year. I am not sure who should go, but I have tried to talk to Amy this week to see what she knows. Marcelleus just doens't want to talk to me. Oh well.

WHo will win the Veto and will they use it? Tune in and find out...


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