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  1. Sam hater here! I hate her she needs to die like yesterday
  2. I love Kendall/Lish and nothing is ever going to change that
  3. It doesn't make any sense Why not Lulu instead?
  4. WEEEEEEEEEEEEE my Liason. I love them
  5. I love Georgie and LL. She is one of my faves and I am gonna miss her
  6. I adore this man so much
  7. I loved 90210, one of my all time faves. Stll watch the reruns on Soapnet I loved Brandon and to me a big part of the show left when he did, he made me tolerate Kelly and that is big LOL. Brandon/Kelly is the only Kelly pairing I liked I adored Brenda and Dylan and that is when my Kelly hate started. Brenda/Dylan and Brandon/Kelly should have ended up together and I was ticked when it was Dylan/Kelly
  8. Agreed. They deserve a little break and some happiness and so do the fans
  9. I love Kendall/Lish no matter what. She rocks
  10. EEEE Go Nick and Sharon
  11. I just adore Lish. She is the best
  12. I love Zendall. They are the best thing to happen to AMC in a long time *waves* to Angie and Laurie