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Who do you think are the Underappreciated Women of Daytime?

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Since I only follow AMC regularly, I can only comment on it--but from AMC I would say Terri Ivens. She is capable of so much more than the show gives her. Maybe if the rumors of a new HW are true, she'll finally get a chance!

Hopefully the rumored new HW's will use Julia Barr, Jill Larson and Tonya Pinkins as well.

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I think all my favorite actresses are underappreciated:

Julia Barr

Jill Larson (big big shame)

Helen Wagner

Elizabeth Hubbard (big big big shame)

Kathryn Hays

Eileen Fulton

Marie Masters

Kathleen Widdoes

Colleen Zenk-Pinter

Darlene Conley (big big big big shame)

Frances Reid (but she's very old so they can't do better even if they would want)

Suzanne Rogers (big big shame)

Susan Seaforth Hayes

Rachel Ames

Denise Alexander

Leslie Charleson

Jacklyn Zeman

Maureen Garrett

Maeve Kinkead (bring her back definitely pleeeease)

Tina Sloan

Robin Strasser

Kim Johnston Ulrich

Jeanne Cooper

Jess Walton...

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I'm listing actresses in terms of overall praise from the viewers/soap press/critics:

Stephanie Gatschet (GL)

Marcy Rylan (GL)

Beth Chamberlin (GL)

Tina Sloan (GL)

Nicole Forester (GL)

Crystal Chappell (GL)

Colleen Zenk-Pinter (ATWT)

:blink: I'm surprised I can't think of more for ATWT...all the vet ladies get praised no matter what..if not from the press, then from the fans..I just think CZP has been stuck with poor characterization and hokey stories for years so people find it easier not to credit her as much. Maura West & Martha Byrne constantly get praise..as does Jennifer Landon and more recently, Alex Chando.

But man, oh, man..GL! Unless your name is Zimmer or Tognoni (or Ehlers), a lot of the talented ladies on that show just do not get enough credit for their work. :(

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Julia Barr - Brooke (AMC)

Jill Larson – Opal (AMC)

Kelli Giddish – Di (AMC)

Leslie Charleson – Monica (GH)

Jackie Zeeman – Bobbie (GH)

Jane Elliot – Tracy (GH)


Stuart Damon – Alan GH

Vincent Irizzary – David (AMC)

Aiden Turner – Aiden (AMC)

John J York – Mac (GH)

Derrick Cheetwood – Max (GH)


Monica & Alan – GH

Mac & Robin - family relationship underused (GH)

Mac & Maxie – family relationship underused (GH)

Luke & Tracy - GH

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:( here are mine

1.jeanne Cooper (kay y&r)

2.Darlene Conley (sally b&B)

3.Marj Dursay (Alexandra GL)

4.Helen Wagner (Nancy ATWT)

5.Elizabet Hubbard (Lucianda ATWT)

6Jane Elliot (Tracy GH)

7.Kate Collins (Janet AMC)

8Ilene Kristen (Roxy)

9.Louise Sorel (Vivian Days)

let's give these wonderful actresses more airtime and put the youngsters on the back burner

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I only watch GH regularly, but wow--that show just goes over the top with underappreciated women--Jackie Zeman screams to the front of the list as Bobbie Spencer, who was obviously out of town while her brother's kids were spiraling down the tube this summer. Leslie Charleson as Monica Quartermaine, who is now reduced to proper her (not nearly as interesting) children and snarking on her sister-in-law's marriage to Luke. Constance Towers, who was a FORCE as Helena Cassadine, just shows up every few weeks to look fabulous and stare at a baby (who has better screen time than she does). Robin Christopher does fairly well, when she's allowed on screen, but wow--could you guys put her in danger AGAIN? Cuz, we knows women is good fer nuthin ceptin' being rescued by Luke and Robert....

That's about all for now. But give me time--I'll find more...

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