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OLTL: new ABC MediaNet pictures for week of May 1st


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New OLTL pictures from ABC MediaNet for the week of May 1st...

Pictures include: Nash, Tess, Antonio, Cristian, Evangeline, Natalie, and John.

http://www.abcmedianet.com/ph_search/searc...0&leftcol=links (this page is made up of all new spoiler pictures)

http://www.abcmedianet.com/ph_search/searc...=150&pgsplit=12 (only the first picture on this page is new)

To see larger versions of a few of the pictures, check out this link: http://soapzone.com/boards/read.php/oltl/main/447061

There are no larger versions of these pictures at Soapsites.net as of this time.


Also, MediaNet pictures from ABC Daytime's 'Fun in the Sun' from San Diego--including pictures of John-Paul Lavoisier and Melissa Gallo...




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I'm not too impressed with that costume designer for the girls...but the guys look ok - just wish Cris would cut his hair!

I'm hoping there is more than just the car - but someone hanging from the door is exciting! lol

Anyway know what day exactly the tornado scenes will be? I can't wait to see them and fully judge then.

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