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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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JE'T ADORE: Jane Elliot Total Admiration: D____ (can't remember; divine?) O____ (still can't remember) Refined! Extraordinary! Deb, help us! It's really awesome everyone, I swear! LOL.

How about Divine! or maybe Diva!, Outrageous! Refined! and Extraordinary!

Oh, and if I forgot:


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Nex, Love your far away vid too!

MinervaFan, Oui, Oui, J'aime -- Je T'Adore--

-- I adore you... how befitting of how we feel about Tracy/Jane

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Break Room folks, you KILL me! I'm older than every person who was on that chat, and you expect ME to have good short-term memory? What is so funny is that last night, I was at the sink doing dishes struggling to remember the little phrase thinking, oh, thank goodness one of THEM will remember! Then I got MsQ's email this morning and LOL!

I couldn't remember what it was, so I came up with what I hope is a suitible substitute:

Je T'adore!

Jane Elliot/Tracy Admirers: Devotees Of Refined Excellence!

Or, we could just go with "Jane Elliot Fans: Fangirling (or Fanboying) Sears Apparel Since 1978!" (100% Cotton all the way!)

Oh, and MsQ, thanks for posting that link.

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Oh, GACK! :wacko: My little profile thingy on the left says "From: Kentucky."

Just let me clarify, folks. I am NOT from Kentucky. I'm FROM South Louisiana, and lived in Arizona for ten years. I am currently TRAPPED in Kentucky, a sorry situation that WILL some day be remedied.

*has to figure out how to fix this, especially since everybody else is from cool places like Boston and New York and SoCal!*

I gotta clear my head--think of TQ on today, think of TQ on today! Oooh...think of Tracy/Marlena femslash. Keith, I'm thinking the convention thing would work. How about using the RL thing--both are keynote speakers at a conference of successful women?

ETA: Note my new sig quote! :) I'm OFFICIALLY a member of Je T'Adore!!!!!

*dances around call center...stops dancing cuz coworkers are staring at me...*

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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It's working! It's working!

I did a LIVE Update at Live Journal. There's not much (as in: Don't get excited. Jane Elliot has ZERO dialogue), but here it is.

MinervaFan, Regency, and I are in the breakroom.

Love the Je T'adore!






Luke and Robert plan to deliver Skye's baby, but Robert passes out, and Luke has no choice but to untie Lorenzo. Luke, you better be a coach and NOTHING more. *shrugs* My "Skye goes into labor during Thanksgiving Dinner" idea was so much better, was it not? And most of you thought I was nuts, LOL.

Also...Luke/Robin scenes coming up. Luke gives the "go-ahead" on the drug. And Luke/Lainey scenes too. Something about Laura. Forgive me for not remembering.

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Hola Todos,

A few things:

1) Anyone else have trouble accessing this thread ALL DAY LONG?? I tried from about 11am et until 7pm et. NADA! Was it just me? What was going on?

2) WTF!?!??! was up with today's episode. We had lots of TQ "face time" but not one- NADA, ZILCH, ZERO -bit of dialogue. What the heck?!?! I mean, sure, the woman is the queen of "the face," but come on.... They gave Monica and Alan lines and NOTHING for Tracy?!?!?!?! I'm worried here people. VERY WORRIED!! What if this means she hasn't re-signed or they're in some sort of fight with her or something.. and they're just not using her very much anymore!?!?? It would explain SO MUCH (Like why we've been deprived of GLORIOUS LuNacy scenes lately, why they cut that 'hand holding' scene a few weeks back, why TIIC is messing with Skuke again, why Tracy's been gone so much lately and why she didn't even freakin' speak today!!!!!!) :(:(:( I'm NOT HAPPY here people. And I'm very, very worried. Very worried!!!

3) I told Ms. Q this last night in a PM, but I'll say it here. I now understand why all of you folks are so pessimistic about LuNacy. You read other websites!!!! I have lived in this protective little bubble of LuNacy love here on this thread. I didn't know the cr*p that's been out there about Luke and Bora and how their love was going to be some big inspiration for other couples on the show. Oy. Barf. GAG!!!!!!!!!! Remind me never to look at Soapdish again. Ever!!!! What a piece of S**t, depressing website that is. NEVER AGAIN!

4) I'm definitely not watching during the six week Luke and Bora barf-o-thon. Definitely NOT!!! October 25th is the last day I'll fast forward my Tivo looking for LuNacy love. I'll keep tivo-ing, in the hope I read something here that inspires me to watch... BUT I'M NOT WATCHING WITHOUT PROMPTING!! I REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE IN SUCH A REVOLTING, DISGUSTING, DISAPPOINTING storyline!!!!!!!! Someone please alert me either via PM or here on the thread to the days I should bother to watch. And oh-- if they go Skuke after Bora is gone, I'm gone too. GONE GONE GONE!!!!

***Whew.. deep breath***

5) Minerva, the "title" under you avatar about Tracy and Marlena CRACKS ME UP!!! You know my official position on that one. 'nuff said. Thanks for the levity with that little title change because I am ticked off! So ticked off. I needed a laugh!

Ladies and Gentlemen, "Our" show SUCKS!

grrrrrrrrrrr :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:

(Oh for those of you who are curious.. I'm still believing.. but just barely. It's hanging on by only the tiniest of threads.. just the tiniest, thinest thread you have EVER seen in your WHOLE life!!) oy.

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Awww Lainey you remind me of me in the very beginning.

I was soooo optimistic about JE/Tracy getting airtime story.

And when Lacy started I was in LURVE with this couple.

GH can suck the life right outta ya. You have to put on your armor, girlie.

I got my breastplate on with my shield and sword right now as we speak.

Seriously. Because you can't put your hope and stfuf in this show.

You can...but TIIC will dash that hope every time.

Now I'm not saying JE won't re-sign (I don't know if she will or not) and I'm not saying Lacy won't be a legitimate romance after Laura leaves( I don't know if they will or not) but I am saying that you just hve to take wha tyou get and not take this show seriously.

You'll learn to actually enjoy JE's airtime a WHOLE lot more if you go into it with NO expectations..

And me? I try to live by that. I want JE to stick around just a little while longer...maybe a year? But truthfully? I made my peace wiht her leaving, the day she came back.

And I made my peace with her probably not getting great airtime or heart stopping romance a long long time ago.

We can appreciate what we get....and continue to write letters to TIIC, call the comment line, email the network, whatever you guys do....and hope for something better but don't DEPEND on it.

And that's the best advice I can give.

G'Night all !

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I got my breastplate on with my shield and sword right now as we speak.

But.. but... what if I don't like 'breastplates?' What if I prefer to 'let it all hang out?' Then what?!?! :(;):(;)

**goes into a corner**





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Um Lainey are you trying to get us banned?



I don't think "hanging out all over" will get us banned.

Unless you post a pic.




Oh honey it's great to be optimistic.

I haven't stopped hoping.

But I have stopped expecting. And I can enjoy Lacy better now when I do get them...because when I do get those sweet special moments....they are somehow sweeter because they're "unexpected."

I'd love to see Lacy be a real romance....but at the very least, I'm putting off any spec or hpe about JE/Tracy until we hear about JE's contract status.

After that....if she stays a little while, I'll be back to hoping/wishing/dreaming.

But I'm kinda in "realism" mode right now.


It helps me get through it. :)

And now I *really* have to go to bed. See ya'll. :)

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*MinervaFan appears in Galinda garb, riding in a magical bubble of light, sprinkling sparkly fairy dust on all members of this LoveFest*

Now, all you gloomy Gus types--remember. She's still there. She's not gone. She's OUR Tracy, and we love her! Not one of the reliable sources has said one thing about JE leaving the show, and it's already half-way through the last month of her existing contract. Normally, when people are leaving, it's rumored months ahead of the fact.

Also, the scripts have been setting up this conflict forever--every time Luke bails, Robert warns him that Tracy is not going to put up with it. Every time Tracy is with Luke, there is is more and more evidence that the two are getting attached. And the writers would surely want to exploit the MASSIVE dramatic potential of this conflict, right?

JE is on record as saying she doesn't mind getting paid more and worked less. She has a teenage daughter and a son in college. She LIKES the income. It's not like in 1993, when she was jonesing for a major storyline that didn't come through. She's comfortable, with a steady income, and lots of time to devote to her daughter. Now, in three years, when her kids are out of school, she might feel differently.

But I don't think JE is going anywhere. LuNacy might not survive the transition from October 2006 to November 2006, but I strongly feel that Jane Elliot's contract (and our monthly TQ fixes) will survive.

*another round of fairy dust glitters all around you*

There! You've been Galindafied! Wasn't that splendicious?

Oh, and ladies? What's with the Franglish in the chat room? LOL.

Mid-Morning ETA: Somebody wondered in the chat last night whether Tracy spoke foreign languages. I'm thinking, given her education, yes. Here's my rational:

English: Obvious

French: Lived in Provence with Dillon for a while. Besides, Young!Tracy would totally learn French in school to sound sexy/sophisticated.

German: Swiss boarding school; German is one of the three official languages of Switzerland. Impossible to avoid.

Italian: Hello? Italian men? Yeah, she knows Italian...several really interesting phrases, at the very least.

Spanish: Probably, because of business. ELQ is an international company, and like, 2/3 of the world's population speak Spanish.

Now, why doesn't she speak these languages so that we (as viewers) know she can speak them? Possibly because we never see her in a position where it would be necessary. Probably because it gives her a tactical advantage for people not to know she is multi-lingual. I mean, how many conversations can you eavesdrop on when people don't know you understand the language they're speaking? Probably comes in very handy at business meetings.

Just a thought, because it's better than thinking about work.

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Writers? Setting up dramatic potential? TAking advantage of a chance for conflict?

Not unless your names are....well.

We made a vow not to talk about other characters in here.

*zips lip*

And one last jab...my list isn't just who everyone else may be thinking.


November is JE's last month.

Not October.

And yes they can and will not mention a word about her contract until one of the mags publicizing her leaving.

There are younger more viable stars at ABC daytime who have said in print and on SoapTalk that they were not even approached (if they were approached at all) until the 11th hour.

Stuart and Leslie....I don't follow when their contracts run out like I do Jane's, but people kept swearing last year that they were out...but there was nary a word in the mags before OR after....not one. I have no idea if they were out last year or not because no one was saying anything. LOL

We KNOW JE signed for three years in November of 2002.

And that's all we know.

I guess if she's still there the first of December we know she re-signed??

And there's also the possibility that TIIC could ask her to stay and extend her contract by a few months.

I don't know.

Looking forward to Jane's news either way cause like I said last night I made my peace with her leaving again before she ever came back.

I made a vow to just enjoy her while I had her and I have done that...all two hours of her airtime. :) :) :)

If she re-signs...wonderful.

If she doesn't, it's because whatever and wherever she's going is BETTER. And that makes me smile.

Quality over quantity ya'll. Quality over quantity.

Oh and Ms.Q.....you asked me more specifics about my reviews. I PM'd you but I'd like to add that one of the things I love?

Is that you put in little phrases and gestures that just make the characters human...and you SHOW US (rather than telling us) that the characters care about/love each other.

And wow that just blows me away because I don't even think you realize you're doing it...but just by writing them the way you think they ought to be written, it comes out. Like Luke "holding Tracy close" and Luke "giving her a worried look" and Brook Lynn asking about the baby.....stuff like that...wow. Is just so GOOD.

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Morning TQ fans!

*bathes in sprinkling sparkly fairy dust*

Oh and Ms.Q.....you asked me more specifics about my reviews.
ILoveTracyQ, this makes me sound greedy for feedback, LOL. I just asked if you had any favorite parts. ;) But many thanks for the reply. :) I'll definitely respond to your PM sometime this afternoon when I have more time. Oh, but really quick...Ned WILL be showing up in the next chapter. You didn't think I'd leave him out, did you? :P

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