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I just read the news!! I see I should have visited this board first.

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I check in on GH every Thanksgiving and Christmas (without actually watching), just to be sure I'm not missing this very event, but never really expected this. Can't wait to see JE again! I hope it's more than just a single appearance, but I'll be delighted with just about anything...unless perhaps we hear unhappy news about Luke, if he's mentioned. Well, I'll live with that too, I'm just thrilled to be able to see more of Tracy, and I hope there are some good scenes involving Ned.

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For anyone who enjoys such things, I did FINALLY complete my lengthy FlukeTracy fanfic last summer! I don't think I posted the link, so it's here:

A Stranger in My house

Because it was still going on when I was writing, the ending takes a turn from the show's conclusion to that story. i know this SL isn't a favorite of most, but it was my intro to Tracy and Luke, so I have a soft spot for it.

And its prequel, of sorts:

Also this little thing--by way of processing the fact of Luke and TG leaving, for good:

One Way Flight
March 2015 — On the run from Shadybrook and his evil deeds of the last year, Luke has a visit to make, before leaving PC. How will Tracy react to his absence?

Lets hope whatever's next will inspire something else to write about!

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Ms.Q I got your message. It's cool, no worries.

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So did anyone watch today, and how can I watch for free, is there a way ? I thought you used to be able to watch GH on ABC.com for free, but it takes a few days ? And I know it used to be on Hulu, but I don't have a Hulu subscription anymore.


I have seen the pics,  and JE looks GORGEOUS. Would that I can rock silver hair that way when I get to be her age.

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To everyone celebrating, Merry Christmas!


ILTQ, I still can't read replies, but I do see that you've responded. I keep getting an error message. Anyway, to answer your question, you can see the Christmas Carol episode on Instagram (it's sped up and the audio doesn't sync with the video, but it's something). You have to do a search for "Tracyquartermaine." 


You can see her return that aired in Canada below...



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Hi, everyone.

MSQ, I guess we had the same idea. I dropped in to share clips.

Here are the Q clips, so far; merry Christmas, to us! It surely did feel like a gift, to have these to watch. I'm glad someone's taken the time to put these up, and hope they continue. I'm not very motivated to watch the show in its entirety, and I don't have a clue what the current storylines are about. I did sit through it Friday, though, but it's not really convenient timing, and I don't have Hulu either. i'm feeling kind of grumpy about having to endure the presence of Sonny, again. LOL



12-27-19, part 1:


part 2:


part 3:



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Thanks for the clips and the help, everyone. I too am not motivated at all to watch the show without Tracy. I tried watching the 12/23/19 on the ABC website and it was just painful. I don't mean the episode was bad, I mean watching it on the website was just not worth it. I am going to be picky now and say whoever did Jane's makeup that day used a foundation too orangey for her skin. It was distracting. Otherwise, she looked great. I was kind of underwhelmed overall, though. I wanted more out of her scenes.


I like her chemistry with the actress who plays Brook Lynn. I do feel at this point, Jane was just a stunt and they are not really going to use her. I am curious about ratings for the week she showed up, if there was any bump.

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