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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest


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Popping in briefly before work...


I did like Tracy and Ava because it was unexpected, and Tracy got to be harsh, and we don't see that a lot anymore. But I did not like Tracy and Ava because Tracy chose Sonny as the better parent. WTH?!?


It is ridiculous that Tracy left the party before the reveal and doesn't look to be part of the aftermath. Dillon is her son. Lulu was her her stepdaughter for years. She should be involved. This reminds me of when GH left Tracy out of the Ned/Olivia/baby "dying" story. :(


Robert Palmer Watkins did tweet yesterday or maybe the day before that he and Jane did just tape (so I'm thinking early December, we will see Tracy and Dillon again). 

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RPW did an after buzz interview where he talks about Jane and says he is filming his first Q thanksgiving this week and he is in a tux and he mentioned jane a few other times

Very out of order taping I guess

Also Nathan Varni mentioned on FB he agrees Jane is awesome and to look for some storyline in the coming months..


Believe it when I see it


Also she is on later this week



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Well, so far Tracy/Hayden's partnership has barely been featured. :( 


I liked Tracy being at the same park where Emma was almost kidnapped on Monday. It is surprising to me that Emma would even recognize Tracy though. Emma may hear the Quartermaine name from time to time, but I think the water crisis was the only time they somewhat interacted. Anyway, Tracy hugging her and calling her sweetheart was so nice. :wub: I do wish we got more than that, like how did the conversation go before the officer arrived on scene, but at least we got what we did.


I read that Robert Palmer Watkins filmed his first Quartermaine Thanksgiving a few weeks ago, so I'm assuming Tracy is a part of that. Wonder if Tracy and Hayden will interact this week???


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Triple post!


I think this is the least active I have ever seen this thread, and I have been a member since February 2004 (we all had to re-register in October 2005). 


Sounds like December will be a good Tracy month. 


To anyone who may be lurking, hope you are doing well. 


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^^^ Thanks for posting and spreading the Tracy love!


I think it's a nice a touch that Tracy didn't start singing "We Gather Together" until after both of her parents passed away. It's like she's doing because she knows Edward and Lila would want her to, or she's doing it to hold onto their memory. Sad but also sweet. :wub:


I am liking her hair too. I preferred it not as dark, but I love all the volume/fullness to it. I am like, "Please don't cut it so short again ever!!!"


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Nice Thanksgiving show. And we could actually hear Tracy singing!


I hope Dillon isn't really leaving. Not the best timing, to mention that to his mother on Thanksgiving. It struck me as painfully sad, what with Ned and Luke leaving this year, too. She doesn't need any other losses! Neither do I! LOL


I hope all of you enjoyed the holiday.


I didn't plan very well, and so had to travel the day AFTER Thanksgiving, to Texas to my family. My mom saved me some pie. :) I've been trying to break the ice with my 4-year-old niece, who doesn't remember me! Aww.

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