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HNY on SoapDish said most of Paul/Tracy/Laura story was scrapped. We knew it had been scaled back, but weren't sure by how much. Now, we know most of it has been cut. :( There will be a little of Paul/Tracy/Laura and Tracy vs. Laura coming up, so I guess that's better than nothing, but it still sucks. :angry: 


I think Ron was working in our favor. Frank? Not so much. And who knows about Shelly and Jean, but I am not feeling optimistic. 




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TBH, I didn't want Tracey and Laura trading barbs over a man.  I would much prefer them in separate stories with their respective families.  I read a blurb that JP and SA want to shore up the dwindling Quartermaine family.  If that's the case, I am hoping the Q's led by Tracey take back ELQ.  I also think Tracey/Paul would work better without Laura. They already have chemistry.  If Tracey/ Laura have to interact, I'd like it to be over Lulu the daughter/stepdaughter they share. At least it would be a more interesting story if they became (grudging) allies because Tracey stepped up when Laura was unavailable.  Not every story has to be a romantic triangle. Another thought could be the two going toe to toe over Nikolas's takeover, or Laura allying with the Q's to save her son from his Cassadine side.  There's so much potential for Tracey without Luke( or at least without his bi-annual trips to Amsterdam). As I said before, JP/SA wrote stories for female characters of an older age on Y&R. 


Hopefully, we'll see more Tracey in the coming months!

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I'm hoping there will be a returning Ned, with baby Leo. Shoring up the Q's with Tracey's boys in town together is a good start. I want to see some Tracey/Monica sisterly(in-law that is) snark, too.  The inevitable Jake Dough reveal should bring out some Q story(hopefully).JE deserves screen time...even if it's with Killer Miller/.


I read a rumor Cady McClain was testing for Jenny Hornsby, but I don't think it's happening.


I do understand that Paul may be behind Sonny's latest problems

I thought it was going to be Ric


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Thanks for going back and forth with me. :)


I think the Jenny stuff was the plan (whether it was Cady or someone else), but it was scrapped. I think she was supposed to bring Paul Jr. on and then leave. And Paul Jr. was going to be one of a few teens showing up in PC. 


One of the magazines had a quote, and it said there were no plans to recast Ned. :( 


I heard Paul is now behind going after Sonny. I don't know if it was always supposed to be him. Paul was supposed to be the new DA, but that too was changed. 

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halee, I found out after the fact about Jayne's first Zoo appearance when her official Tumblr apologized for not announcing it. I have a couple download links, but the one I first tried stopped about half way through, so I have to start it over again. I did know about the second appearance, and my DVR is set. Thanks!


Good to see Queen Tracy. Looks like one appearance next week and 2 the following week. That's an improvement over what we've been getting lately, but I still wish it was more.


I know I should just be happy she remains on contract. Thought it was odd that Nathan/Maxie had the ending shot in the credits instead of Tracy/Paul. It's not like Tracy/Paul with Sabrina/Michael doesn't make sense considering Tracy/Sabrina's friendship, but Jane is way more of a veteran than Kirsten, so it makes more sense IMO to put Jane last. 




Next week (probably Friday, 9/18), Dillon and Maxie discuss a problem with Paul and Tracy. Source: TV Source


Confirmed for 9/18, Paul helps Dillon with a problem with the movie. Source: Soaps in Depth


The following week, on Monday, 9/21, Maxie asks Tracy about Paul and Tracy. Source: Soaps in Depth


On Tuesday, 9/22, Olivia seeks Tracy's help. Source: National Enquirer

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Well, I just don't put much stock in what HNY has to say. I don't believe any Laura/Paul/Tracy story was ever planned. For several reasons. Number one, we heard rumors that a few of Richard's scenes might have been cut, and maybe one Tracy/Paul/Dillon scene. But Genie Francis never once gave any hint that she  had any significant scenes with anyone other than her family, Luke, and Liz. And of course the players in Luke's exit story. She never gave one hint of actually being told any romance was planned with ANYONE. She just said she hoped they might give her one. She also said, when asked what she'd like to do when she came back, that she'd like an adventure story with Holly. Again, not one mention or hint that she'd filmed any scenes or been told about some romantic triangle. It's easy for  someone to say a story that was never planned has been cut or scaled back, because they don't want to look like a fool when it never happens.The sequence of events as I remember it, was this: a  few "anonymous" Genie stans on DD saw the casting call for a fiftyish male character. They jumped on this and assumed  he was for Genie. When it was revealed the character was Paul, they again speculated and assumed there would be a triangle. Then, and only then, HNY got in on the action and starting talking about it like it was a confirmed fact.

The way I judge it is, if other *reputable* sources are reporting it also, there's some merit to it. But no mag, no other spoiler site "confirmed"  it. I think it was all speculation that got out of hand, now HNY has egg on his/her face.

I could be wrong, and maybe there were plans, but looking at  the actual evidence, I really, really doubt it.

Anyway, I am still enjoying Tracy and Paul, and am still trying to be optimistic about a story for her/them. I don't tjhink Paul is the one who shot Sonny, unless he's being forced to do it. And I love that  he's in the opening now.

Does anyone else get the feeling that there is more to the Paul/Jenny situation than we are being told? I've had that feeling from the beginning .Something not right with all that.

Hope everyone is well !

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I believe HNY. I don't remember all of his spoilers/rumors throughout the years, but I think he's as accurate as anyone can be with all the last minute changes. 


I also believe Trixie, and she says Paul is behind Sonny's shooting and TJ's kidnapping. It makes sense to me since GH randomly brought up Paul's mob/cartel past the other day. Hate that Tracy appears to be left out. He's her ex-husband. She should get some kind of story out of this. 


I wish Tracy could be involved, but she's not in any mob spoilers/rumors at all.


Sounds like maybe Alexis/Paul may get to play when Paul becomes the new DA.


With Tracy's role at ELQ basically forgotten, it seems like she will be around very little. My guess is she will be popping up in the mansion for some Dillon scenes now and then. The rumor of JE on recurring is floating around again which would mean even less screen time if true. Makes me sad. 


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