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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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Well I'm sure we all knew this, but it was revealed today that Luke is still locked up at the looney bin. Big surprise there!

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I was hoping for something that explained why his medical reports and his sexual partner of the past decade-plus, didn't see a difference in his body. I guess that tidbit of logic was too much to expect. Seriously, how many times has Luke been kidnapped? It's beginning to be as bad as him always the hero du jour in the early days. No imagination with TPTB.

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The story is horrendous, but real Luke apparently was extremely upset at the thought of Fluke sleeping with Tracy or possibly hurting her and said he would hunt him down and kill him if he hurt Tracy

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That's something, I guess.

EDIT: As much as I'm hating this Fluke story (and I do), and I'm not seeing how great TG is playing Luke, I was absolutely blown away by the seen in the padded room. TG was phenomenal as a man drugged and desperate to regain his focus. His only outburst was about Tracy, and that focussed his mind. Hopefully she will be the key to figuring this one out, especially now that we know Ned will be sticking around. I really want to believe that TPTB aren't really making her so stupid about this.

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I just came here to say that. I DO think TG has been doing good work in the story, but I think Friday was just outstanding work by him. I was mesmerized all during his scenes.

Hated that Fuke called Ned "reptilian". Die Fuke, die for that! Loved, as Remos said, how the mention of Tracy woke drugged Luke up from his fugue state.

Still tired already of the mystery of the identity of Fuke. I think the show can reveal who he is and still keep it a secret from the other PC'ers. In fact, I think, if he is anyone we should know or be afraid of, that knowing his real identity would add to the suspense, not take away from it.

I also love that this is a TRUE umbrella story. With the exception of a few, like Maxie and her crew, and Britt/Nathan, etc, it touches almost every cast member in some way.

Alexis is being just as stupid as Tracy-believing Julian over Ric. UGH UGH UGH. Poor Ric, at least Elizabeth believes him for now.

But yeah, ready for the Big Reveal about Fuke's real identity. After Friday, I have my doubts it is Bill. So I will say, they keep you guessing. I just can't see why Bill would hate Luke so much, but then, Bill did "die" because Frank Smith's men thought he was Luke. The thing is, whoever Fuke is, he was talking to someone in Heaven, and from the way he talked, I assumed the deceased someone was a guy. So unless Slye Eckert died and it was because of Sonny or Luke somehow, I just can't justify Bill. Actually, after Friday, I am thinking now that Luke and Tracy are just convenient tools, and the real target is Sonny. At first I thought there was talk that he wanted to get revenge on Tracy as well, but that's hardly mentioned now.


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Well she just moved up a few notches as a person in my book! :)


TV Guide Magazine: Speaking of major problems, your fans are still having one because you didn't get an Emmy nomination for what was widely considered the daytime performance of the year. What do you think went wrong?
West: I don't know. Maybe the reel I submitted wasn't the right choice. But that's okay. Really okay. It would have been great to be nominated and a real honor but I still show up every day on the set and work as hard as I always do. It doesn't change a thing. I was much more surprised that GH didn't get nominated for best show or writing or directing. That was the snub, if there is such a thing. I watch our show every day and it's pretty phenomenal.

TV Guide Magazine: Will you attend?
West: Of course! I am going to the Emmys to support our show and especially to support Jane Elliot [Tracy], who I am so thrilled was nominated. When I arrived at GH and met Jane it was like I knew her in a past life. I was immediately drawn to her kindness and her talent and I am more excited for her and for Dom Zamprogna [Dante] and everyone else from GH who got nominated than I could ever be disappointed about my own circumstance. It sounds hokey, but it's the absolute truth.

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I like Maura West okay, I enjoyed her scenes with Jane early on. I just think Ava has kind of lived out her usefulnness. I normally don't like saying that about characters, because many have said that online about my faves over the years and I couldn't disagree more with them. But Ava IMO is the kind that's best to stir up short term trouble and then leave or be killed off. I felt certain that's where the show was headed with her, and they still may be, pregnant or not....but I'm kind of tired of her character now TBH.

But of course she likes Jane. I think the only person we've ever mentioned on here that disliked Jane and had bad things to say about her in interviews was that actress that played Sheila, the nurse, years ago? Oh, I'm sure that there have been others that didn't care for Jane, but most don't say so publically. No matter how great we think she is, she's so out spoken, she's bound to irritate and annoy some people.

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Tracy was on for two quick scenes today adding up to about 45 seconds of airtime.

Hooked told me Jane taped a couple times last week and today I believe. Mostly with Monica, Michael and Alice I think.

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From the mags:

Tracy returns from honeymoon and shows up to Michael and Kiki telling them she caught Luke cheating on her on the honeymoon and she is so sorry she didn't believe them. She asks to help with ELQ again. The audience finds out later than Lunacy are really scheming together to get Tracy back into ELQ.

I like it

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Real LuNacy or fake LuNacy? Because Tracy scheming isn't enough for me. Being manipulated by fake-Luke is not 'LuNacy working together' IMO.

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Real LuNacy or fake LuNacy? Because Tracy scheming isn't enough for me. Being manipulated by fake-Luke is not 'LuNacy working together' IMO.

Fake Luke

Real Luke is still locked up and drugged out

This is gonna drag out until at least sept of not no I bet

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tracy was on for five seconds at the tag of the show at the end

She is on tomorrow...

Think there is another lull for a bit then we will see a lot more of Tracy/Michael/Alice/Morgan/Kiki

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    • First...*waves @Mr. Vixen* and congrats on the next book.   I think...it's Brenda so what could go wrong? Please register in order to view this content   But seriously, it is a great concept. And ohhh how my mind sees so many angles and what you wrote. I would love to see a series like this.   As for me...I might have to chew on what I would do as a spinoff for a spell...:) 
    • Would these rather creepy drawings entice you to devote 1 hr each morning to 2 new soaps?
    • RHOD   Now that was much, much better.   So clearly for me, it had to be who was spotlighted. For the last few episodes, the focus has been on Brandi, Kary, and Stephanie with LeeAndra, Tiffany, and Kameron getting moments here and there, but most in the background. This episode was the end of the Oaklahoma trip and heading back to Dallas. Once there, the show shifted to individual scenes so it was only natural that it shifted since the stronger people with individual scenes (and are still somewhat likeable) are LeeAndra, Tiffany, and Kameron. And I liked all of them. And ooooo at the next leg of the LeeAndra family drama. I keep saying...she's so what soap opera heroines are made of. And as usual...the next nugget she gave in the saga of her vs her brother produced new questions. Hopefully, the answers will start to be revealed as LeeAndra goes to meet with her mother-in-law next week.    Meanwhile, the trip started boring AF. But it ended in a good place I felt. The highlight for me was Tiffany, Kameron, and Brandi (yes, I said Brandi) performing the Bend and Snap from LEGALLY BLONDE as their warmup routine for the series of games Stephanie had set up for everybody. And not shocked that Kary does not know how to give a sincere apology so her trying to apologize to Charles the guy from last week fell flat for me.    And surely I am not the only person who saw that Brandi was clearly preggers on the trip.    Things to make you go hmmmm...   LEEANDRA. Well, well, well. Where do I start? Just like Ashley Abbott finding out that John Abbott was not her dad shattered her, there appears to be more to the story of the events surrounding LeeAndra's Dad's death. And as she was talking to Jeremy, for the first time I wondered if she had considered therapy or hmmm hypnotism? It sounded like either she was editing herself for television or that she might have blocked some of that day out. I thought she had been the one to find the body if I remember correctly...or am I wrong? She definitely saw it. And the reveal of her finding out that her mother-in-law put the one will on the bed day of death...and then Mama Dee's actions with the other will....and I'm wondering how BOTH of the moms factored into the breakdown in the relationship between LeeAndra and her brother. I get LeeAndra's reasoning for not telling him of the death immediately, but it sounded like the mother in law went all out to keep them separated. And then...Mama Dee made a deal with the Dad insuring that LeeAndra would get the inheritance in the first place. But then Mother in Law pushed for a court fight. I mean...WOW!!! This was just the stuff of good soaps. I'll say this much...LeeAndra's relationship with her family has always been her throughline throughout her time on the show and it continued to bear so much fruit for her. And that fruit continues to be juicy. And yes, I love the followup from the letter a few episodes back.    KAMERON. God, Court is hot. lol. That said...I enjoyed her misadventures with moving this week. The packing. The ribbing from Court. The psychic from an earlier episode. Court accepting it all even with an eyeroll. Who didn't like Kameron's dog? It has been natural that she is still mourning Louie and worrying about him as she moves into her dream house. Meanwhile, Kameron was fun on the trip...except for when she got angry over the bed prank that went wrong. Yeaaah...mess with my sleep, I'm a bitca, too. Please register in order to view this content   TIFFANY. Wow at her and Kameron getting along. If only it would last. Meanwhile awwww at her and her mother coming to some understanding. That was a talk that needed to happen.  Tiffany always brings the real and I will be sadden if she does decide to leave at the end of this season. And I hollered at her and the twins' science project. That was my project in elementary school so it was a cute little walk down memory lane.   BRANDI. *side-eye*   STEPHANIE. Who?   KARY. Lint.   So next week we are going to be on the mansion from DALLAS? Good. That means also we are at the end of the season.              
    • They said the show is so bad they no longer have the energy to keep up with it. 
    • Yes, the 'I'm blind and will be a burden so I'll be noble and lie' was something out of a 1930's radio soap and didn't work in 1976. Bill should have been more inventive in finding away to create a wedge b/w Brad and Leslie.
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