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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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I like Gati. The fact that she's insane and campy one minute, and deadly the next, is part of why I like her. Overused.... of course. She's the creation of the current writers. It's always that way.

Now on Mills - agree down the line. I never did get her appeal even in her heyday.

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The Emmy Awards You Tube channel posted Jane's Emmy submission also I read an article that said we should find out who "Luke" is by the end of the month.

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I thought the show was dropping rather heavy handed anvils that he's Bill Eckert, during yesterday's episode. When Anna and Jordan were talking about Julian's boss, they mentioned "Barrett Enterprises" and then went on to use the initials "B.E". Now, I know that was probably just supposed to be the short way of saying the company name, but I think it's more than that. I think that is the show's "wink,nudge" that they are giving away who Fake Luke is. B.E-could be Barrett Enterprises, could be Bill Eckert. I do NOT think it's coincidental that they are mentioning Barrett so much-it has to be someone who is a member of, or with close ties to, the Barrett family. If it were Bill, it would certainly explain his disdain for Ned. I don't really know why Bill wants Sonny, unless it's just to take over his territory. It would explain Bill wanting to hurt Tracy for the hit and run of Jenny years ago.

I think the show having "Luke" not care if Lucas was the target at the Julian Jerome family dinner, makes it clear this isn't Luke being brainwashed. Or maybe that's just what the show wants us to think.

I keep flip flopping between "it's really Luke, just brain washed(which makes me think Cesar Faison, who is the one person still alive that has old ties to Barrett due to being part of the cartel). And that would fit perfectly. However again-and it could be just sloppy writing-shouldn't we be seeing shades of Luke at least "trying" to emerge, if this were so?

I would think Lucas being shot would have triggered it, but it not only didn't, it seemed to give him a thirst for blood.


But then, there's Tracy, who has been having sex with this man off and on for nine years. She should know his body, his smell, his way of love making. His habits, etc. Perhaps I'm naive-but wouldn't it only take once in the sack for her to know ? And even if the "Honeymoon" was the first time-that's ONE TIME.

So, I am sticking with what I said weeks ago-that Tracy and Ned are, or maybe at this point just Tracy is, playing the game with Fake Luke. If she didn't know before (but she DID know, she was the first to suspect, remember?) she has to know after the sex.

Because I cannot believe Tracy would just let ANY PERSON threaten her son like that-her BABY-like Luke did Ned yesterday. Not without putting his head on a platter.

No matter who the other person is. I think Tracy has known for a while, and is playing along, and placating Luke to protect Ned and anyone else until she figures it out.

Then again, you gotta figure-Tracy isn't the audience. She isn't seeing everything we are seeing.

Why isn't anyone else telling each other what's happening? Why isn't Ned going to Anna with his suspicions, or even just to report Luke threatening him? If these people would ALL just talk to each other, it would have been discovered a while ago. But I guess, that's the point?

Kinda ready for this to wrap up, TBH. Or rather, I'm ready for it to reach the next stage. At least reveal who Luke really is.

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Oh, and can I just have, Wally and Jane have such fabulous chemistry. They don't even have to have dialogue, and I can just feel the history and emotions and issues with these two. It makes me feel old to know it was 27 years ago they first started working together as Justin and Anjelica on DOOL. I remember watching them. Yes, I was just still a "kid", but....yes. Me....feeling old right now. LOL

And..um...ya'll don't judge me...LOL..but remember how Jane herself commented that when Wally first started playing Ned, she had to get used to NOT flirting with him, like she did with him as Justin?

Well...it's not flirting, exactly, but I kinda get the same vibe lately from the two of them in their scenes. That there is an undercurrent of....well, let's just put it out there: incest.

The Q's (or at least, Edward and Tracy) are a little incesty, anyway-remember Celia and Jimmy Lee?(first cousins once removed, if I recall correctly).

Anyway, I'm not saying they ARE incesty-but I don't necessarily get a "son looking out for his mother" vibe in the scenes. It could be because Wally and Jane are such good friends IRL, or it could be that to me they have always looked like (and acted like) peers instead of Parent and Child. And I think that's really just all it is...they come across as more two people on the same level, looking out for one another-and they have chemistry, which some will interpret in ways other than Mother/son.

Anyhoo...just say no to incest.

And, I love having Wally around for Jane to act with. It's nice that she has Tony, but everyone gets bored with the same scene partners, so it's good to mix it up.

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I was OK with Tracy being oblivious up until her most recent appearance. She walked in on Luke holding a gun at her son and buys his crap?!? I'm done. I read that maybe Tracy sent Ned out because that was the best way to protect him - get him away from the man waving the gun at him... I wish that was true, but I doubt it. She's on tomorrow, according to my DVR, worried about Luke's odd behavior. It's about time!!! She better continue to be worried and not worry for a moment before moving on again.

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There is a summer preview in CBS Sid about tracy being in danger as months progress luke is getting bold and sloppy and pissed he is stuck in marriage when he didn't even get ELQ. It says what happens when tracy outlives her usefulness?

In other news Wally is back taping next week and nancy tweeted she had stuff with him so I guess he is back in PC

After this week there were about 9 days in row JE didn't tape so I would think she will be Mia til mid June at least

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The more I think about it, the more I do think not only is this Bill Eckert, I think Paul is involved. Paul and Bill were BFF's at one point. And while I'm kind of confused about Sonny's part in this, I am inclined to think it's more about getting his territory than revenge on him. Unless Jane is leaving, we know Tracy won't die. I have a feeling, a bad feeling, that there is too much set up for something NOT to happen. I also have the horrible feeling that whatever it is Fake Luke does to Tracy is something she won't be able to forget every time she sees Luke's face, and will therefore transfer her feelings over Fake Luke, to Luke himself.

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Yeah, I think Bill is the most popular guess-didn't someone here post that tomorrow's show will give a big clue?

What I'm wondering, is who will Fake Luke/Bill rape, or attempt to rape? Because I do think that is a definite possibility. I don't want it to happen to anyone, but especially not my girl. I don't think I could watch that. I do think he's all "handsy" for more than just showing us it isn't Luke. I think it is building up to something.

I just don't think I could watch it though, if that is where this is going. Because sleeping with Fake willingly, Tracy could get over. But anything else.....ugh

Sorry to be a downer, but I really do feel they are giving the guy that kind of foreshadowing. And from a strictly generic POV, it's kind of an awesome plot point. The woman(Tracy) who loves a man who raped his first wife, ....being violated in the same way, with a man who has his same face. Plus, Tracy being of a certain age just drives home that rape isn't about sex or sexual attraction. Plus, it can literally happen to ANYONE. It's about power and control-which is why I loathe Luke and Laura to the bottom of my core. You don't take something as sick as rape and EVER spin it into it being about love, because the two things just don't have a thing to do with each other. At all.

It's kind of brilliant, really. But I honestly don't want such a thing to happen. It makes me physically sick, TBH. Which is why I think they very well may do it.

Not that it's any "better" if it happens to Kiki or someone else. Just that I care more about it happening to Tracy.

Either way, someone, in some way, is going to get hurt by this. They are spending so much time building it up, he isn't just going to go away without creating true havoc first.

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Omg. A rape would really be awful but would also create lots of drama and story. I believe Luke will be off screen after this Friday, am I right? But Tracy will be off for about 2 weeks too. So I don't think a rape to Tracy will happen before that.

Hopefully TG is back soon taping.

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I'm sorry but Luke is old and crusty and he looks like all it would take is one swift kick to turn his bones to dust, I can't see him raping anyone. Not like this show is at all believable anymore though...

I'm so over this story (and show) and since Jane has barely taped and Tony hasn't taped at all in a month I guess it's just going to be left open ended for awhile. Oh joy!

Send me a shout out when it's over.

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Yes SeanM I agree, the drama would be awesome, but I honestly hope they find some other way to give Tony and Jane something meaty to do.

halee lolol you are so right. Unfortunately all it would take is Fake Luke having a gun or some other weapon and his own intimidation to pull it off. Did you see the scene where he murdered the guy who shot Lucas? He is cold blooded and has no qualms about killing. The guy was younger, and looked to be stronger and bigger, and basically did nothing but stand there and beg. So yeah, I can see them showing him raping someone.

I do hope it doesn't go down that way. But would they do it? Of course. And I can't deny it would probably be great drama.

I will agree, I'm ready for it to be over. Do the big reveal and get it over with. They have stretched it out so much now, I think people are "meh" over it already.

Edited by ILoveTracyQ
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Oh I agree they would totally do it. On a show where people pull off masks to reveal their true identity and Dr. O is a singing/dancing chief of staff: plausibility is not really high on the list with TPTB. So they would totally do a "here hold my gun so I can pop some viagra & rape you story'. Why not. rolleyes.gif

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halee you are killing me! LOLOL

Oh, I just want it over. I am going to be so disappointed if Heather or some other lame psycho is behind all of this. I almost don't want to know.

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