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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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The thing that bugs me the most is them ignoring the fact that the second time luke did not marry tracy for money

Had he not killed jake and freaked out and wanted to set her free it wouldn't have been about money

He didn't even want anything in divorce

They ignore the whole second msrriage

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That annoyed me as well - rewrites that make sense are one thing, rewrites that are so obviously against the story are something else again. Luke DID sign a prenup for the second wedding, and it was an issue of discussion. Tracy held him to that, and I don't know if we ever knew about the signature being real, but Tracy's response of love was to tear it up and burn it. Everyone in both families were encouraging them because they were so obviously in love and weren't doing well without the other.

The other part of this that bothers me is how they are dumbing Tracy down. Even mad at him, she could always see through him. One of the reasons LuNacy works is because they have never had blinders on and are well acquainted with the faults of the other. Tracy being portrayed as a woman desperate to overlook all of the strange things Luke is doing (while of course Sonny is given free abilities to see through the charade), is simply wrong. She is never that oblivious, and in fact is usually the first to smell something wrong.

At this point I don't even care who 'Luke' is supposed to be. Both of them look like fakes of themselves.

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I'm with you. And not only did he sign the prenup, when he divorced her he didn't ask for money. He "set her free."

I am so over all this history rewriting, ridiculous cartoon villians somehow getting justified with all their evil doings, and the fact that potentially anyone could be wearing a mask or not who they appear to be. There are no stakes or consequences anymore. It's hard to invest in a show like that. *Sigh*

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I adored seeing Wally and Jane together. My babies! And yeah, WK is now showing his age to the point where it is near impossible to believe he's Tracy's son. There were only eleven years between JE/WK in the first place, and the mother/son thing was only believable when he had a baby face, and even then, only because of the talent of the actors to make me believe it.

Still, they've got the mother/son vibe down now, so there's no escaping it.

I did NOT like the looks FakeLuke was giving Ned. Like, murderous looks. Not.At.All.

And, I'm ready for this to be over. FakeLuke grosses me out.

Yes, Tracy has always been a fool for love BUT she's never been STUPID in other ways. When Harlan Barrett was courting her AND Lucy, and Tracy found out, she got revenge by drugging him (well, with Lucy and Monica's help) and encasing him in a body cast.

When she found out the truth about Paul, she blackmailed him and made him stay. Later on, she hired Marco Dane to dig up dirt on Jenny.She was PROACTIVE.

She didn't just grin and bear it. So, I get her being desperate for love, what I don't get is being stupid overall and ignoring the clues.

I want FakeLuke to try and kill Ned, and for Ned and Tracy to fake Ned's death to trap him. THAT is my Tracy Q.

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Agreed! On all points!

I have seen wally a couple of times this year in LA and talked to him....he is definitely greying and looks older now but he is still handsome with his dimples!

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I might be the only one okay with Tracy acting stupid in this story line...I thought that was part of her character - being dumb when it came to love? I don't even think she is ignoring the clues. She sees something is not right, investigates, and then because she is so desperate, she believes whatever Luke tells her.

It's been nice to have Tracy on lately, but I do think it's crappy that it's AJ's funeral, and Monica is nowhere to be found.

I thought it was interesting today how Ned brought up Luke raping Laura, then how they got married, and how the rape was spun into seduction, and Morgan was like, "People actually bought that?" Then Ned was like, "It was a different era." And they left it at that. But I don't fault anyone for supporting Luke and Laura because I loved LuNacy, and way in the beginning of their marriage, Luke arranged for Coleman to sleep with her when Tracy thought it was Luke, and that was messed up. Anyway... I got to get to bed... Just sharing my thoughts.

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I often wonder how that little incident would have played out in the era of social media. Even 30 years ago, there were a number of people disgusted, but the only media coverage of the day suggested this was a great love story. I was one of the ones disgusted, and I know I was not alone. Imagine if people back then would have been able to talk together, or at least read a different opinion in all the soap rags.

Even so, I see this '30 million' thrown around like it's some sort of proof. Ridiculous. I'm with Morgan - how stupid and gullible were the fans back then? I don't think most of them were, they just didn't have many options, and with the promise of Liz Taylor, I might have put my concerns aside as well. My grandmother and sister certainly did. Most of the 'die hards' from what I can see, weren't even around to see it originally. I'm so glad RC faced that one head-on.

As for Tracy, I'm not being entertained. Stupid is never a good look on her, nor is it historically accurate. Desperate is one thing, but stupid is something else.

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It's one thing to be a fool for love but this is Luke, her "you", her best friend. They know each other better than anyone. This sudden Tracy with blinders on just doesn't play for me. I'm ready for this story to be over.

*I hope Ned sticks around!*

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Okay I would like to preface this by saying I am in no way a prude or puritan, but I have been totally skeeved out by GH lately. I find this Luke completely creepy sexually and now Ava and Sonny are doing it in the Q crypt after a funeral? Do people like this? Really. I'm asking. People are enjoying this stuff?


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Not I, and I think most fans will feel the same way. There are certain boundaries to push - racism, sexism, homo-sexism - then there are bounds of propriety that you don't push. Sex amongst the dead is one of them.

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Yay!! I'm just hoping and praying that she wins! Sorry I haven't been posting! I'm just starting to re - customize my twitter, tumblr and this profile.

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even though this story is well let's just say...annoying

I'm bummed she isn't taping the next two weeks at all

Looks like June will be a dead month for Tracy...Tracy is out of town Jane said...wonder if she and luke go on a honeymoon or if she just goes to japan or something to see Dillon?

Remember Ms.Q how in the summers Tracy would go on a European business trip and be gone for like six weeks?

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