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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest


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Interesting show today, and it looks like Ben won't be kidnapped unless 'Mutter' can take out both Dante and Lulu.

Nice to see the grandmothers working together. Probably wise for them not to tell the grandfathers right away, but I did think it strange that they headed for the launch rather than Lulu and Dante.

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I'd bet my bottom dollar on Bill Eckert

Someone dropped that "Luke" convinces Tracy of a quickie may wedding and Ned tries to convince her not to make a mistake but she doesn't listen.

as they are saying I dos we see Heather with Luke in a room at Miscaviage

I am thinking this will be how it plays out. We know heather will be back and that is a way to do it I guess.

It is paul Hornsby marrying Tracy for ELQ again but this time Bill posing as Luke

I'm just glad Ned is back.

The thing is, you have all the lunacy haters saying at least this is fake luke telling tracy he loves her etc. However, Luke and Tracy were reunited romantically before this faux luke. He promised the whole enchilada nonsense.

So at least when Real Luke is discovered they can find their way back to each other again. Wonder if Tracy will be eeked out like anna was about duke cause she kept imagining the duke mask

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Bill Eckhart is a lazy way to go, especially since they would be trying to convince us that medical records and Tracy's own knowledge of his body won't be able to tell the difference. The heart surgery scar alone would be a dead giveaway. Until the writers prove that they are that stupid, I'm going to hold out that it's more nuanced than that. Because he does have moments of Luke, then he goes into the darkness. I'm going for drugs and brain manipulation at the moment.

I wonder who Ned thinks he is acting like.

As for the LuNacy hates, they are really just LauraFF, and can't stand the fact that Luke is far better paired now. Luke and Tracy were together before this happened, and they will be together after it over. One of the things that amazes me about fans is how they latch onto characters who have almost no storyline potential - Laura, AJ, Liz - who are at best propping characters, and somehow blame TPTB rather than acknowledge that no... the character just does't work outside their original context, not if they are going to keep their personality intact. LuNacy haters don't really care about Luke it seems, they just seem duty-bound to protect their "Laura" from reality.

Anna is one of the reasons I'm not convinced this is a replacement. Even she was having reactions to faux-Duke, but she had been away from him for about 2 decades, and knew he had been tortured. She was almost set-up form the beginning to dismiss the weirdness. On the other hand, Tracy has been involved with Luke almost constantly for the past decade. Neither woman is so unobservant that they wouldn't notice differences - in fact Tracy has called Luke on it a few times, and done some preliminary investigation.

If they do go Bill Eckhart, I'm out. There is no logical way it can be justified.

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On a show where we have had two Scooby mask reveals within about a year and Dr. O was made chief of staff (even though it makes zero sense, just because they like the actress ) I don't have a lot of faith in these writers not being lazy. RC and FV are like the Barnum & Bailey of daytime.

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Oh and the latest is Dr O and Madeline are evil sisters

-- this is confirmed

Dr O also kept Katherine Bell's child when Helena ordered her to kill her....

Supposedly Serena, Christina Collins (Kevin and Lucy's adopted daughter) anna Donnelly and this new kathernie bell and Stefan child are all being cast or have been cast.

Seriously could we ever get Dillon?

What will they do with all these girls in same age bracket??

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*waves to everyone*

Sisters and Brothers....haven't you all learned by now to just shut out all that LnL garbage, especially the baiters? They are just mad that TPTB don't care about Genie, and if I liked Genie, I'd be mad, too. I never thought I'd say this, but if I were watching this show on a regular basis, I'd much rather have Genie around than Finola. Finola is so scary skinny it hurts my eyes. At least Genie has some meat on her bones and isn't afraid to be a real woman!

And that's all the praise she's gonna get from me-ya'll don't get excited. I have not been taken over by some pod person. :)

Oh Jane. That haircut is....unfortunate. But yay to the Pre Emmy Nom, when will they announce the final noms? If she makes it, I might actually tune in to watch the show for her.

Oh who am I kidding? I'll catch the YT clips. :)

Would anyone be so kind as to give a quick run down, if possible, of Jane's airdates for the past month or what not? I have not watched in so long, but I still DVR the show......

If no one has time, no worries.

I feel bad about not keeping up with this board or the show, but I truly only really have time for one or two shows, and never at the same time, it seems......things are nuts around here as always.

I hope everyone is doing well. :)

Oh, and even though I'm not watching, I'd put my money on the fake Luke being Stavros. I would say Victor, but if TP is coming back(is he?), it'd be hard to explain VIctor suddenly looking like himself again. It's weird though, that didn't Luke start acting this way right after Victor left? I dunno. Again, haven't been keeping up.

Stavros seems the safest bet-and he was trying to take down Sonny also wasn't he, years ago? So that would fit with Sonny and Tracy, but Stavros isn't younger. So maybe it doesn't fit.

And then of course, I can't imagine Stavros willingly wanting to look like Luke. But whoever it is-I don't think it's a rubber mask-I think the person either already looks like Luke, or they had surgery to look like him (which is a far stretch for revenge, so it'd have to be someone crazy-hence, a Cassadine.) Possibly Stefan, then? He'd be younger than Luke or Tracy by a few years-though still not younger than Sonny is supposed to be, I don't think.

Now my head hurts. I hate it when shows I like, or used to like, have stupid plot points. I am rewatching "Heroes" from the beginning, and I hate what they did to Nathan Petrelli in the end. I have so much bad luck when it comes to my favorite characters.

So.Much.Bad.Luck. Half of me wants Adrian P to get asked back because of the revamp they are doing next year. THen I remember what they did to him the first time, and how my other faves returning-*TRACY*-turned out to mostly disappoint me.

Off topic, I know. Sorry, had to rant.

I would love to see JE get a job playing a character who actually got her own stories. Because from just popping in here, this seems to be again, mostly about Luke. I sadly think I gave up over five years ago, on Jane ever really getting anything about TRACY, ever again.

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apparently Tracy bought Luke's lie hook line and sinker and thought Kiki was lying about Luke grabbing her ass

Actually she had another look of 'what the hell is wrong with you' at the end when Luke called Kiki a little bitch. I'm sure he'll talk his way out of that tomorrow, but at least she had a moment.

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