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I found this link about why men cheat on women who are loyal to them. It explains a lot about real life relationships; but most Definitely explains about Tracy and Luke's past relationship. I think the GH writers read it! Hopefully Tracy is finished with that part of her saga/

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SoapZone spoilers for this week:

Tracy listens compassionately as Lulu opens up about baby Ben.

Luke keeps throwing himself on Kiki, who doesn't curtail his advances.

Once more, Tracy observes Luke behaving uncharacteristically.

There is also a blurb spec that Luke/Tony may be playing out his final storyline, as a victim of Alzheimer's.

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Alzheimer's still doesn't explain all of his actions, but it would be far more meaty than some of the alternatives they've given him.

However that would be a 'whimper' not the 'bang' TG is reputed to have requested for the end.

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They had Alzheimer's rumoured for Edward for years as well

Spoilers say Ned points out that he is acting like someone they both know. Did either know Bill that well? I'm trying to figure out who they think Luke is acting like.

Whatever TPTB are doing, it's different from what has been the LuNacy defacto story, so I'm willing to go along with everything.

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Yup both Ned and Tracy knew bill

Ned married Jenny Eckert

Ned worked with Julia Barrett and had romance with her too

Bill and Harlan worked together then Bill worked with Tracy some in adversarial role pretty sure

Harlan was part of the cartel that involved Paul with marrying Tracy to take over ELQ

Since Sonny said whoever is backing Julian has been tied to Barrett Industries and Julia Barrett sold her interest in the company (Bill inherited it from Harlan I think majority stockholder)

Bill was killed but that never stopped GH before

I agree, even though it is kind of bizarre Tracy wouldn't recognize she was sleeping with someone else (as if every single thing would be identical lol), I'm willing to go with it cause like you said it is something different for Jane/Tony to play plus whenever they figure out this is Bill we still have the story potential of where is the real Luke and then what happens with him and Tracy

The thing is Luke and Tracy were back together before all of this so it isn't like they would be at odds but who knows where real luke is (maybe he is a frozen popsicle too)

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Agreed - Tracy is already fighting to get her Luke back, and if this turns out to be an impostor, Mama will be PISSED. It would be a set-up for his summer hiatus, though they've done the 'Luke is captured' thing a few times for that.

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Only problem is Bill Eckert never acted like how Luke's acting. He's acting more like AZ than anyone. I'm still holding out hope that he's just been programmed and he's not Eckert. But that probably won't happen. Either way like Remos said I'm just happy for the change of pace. So I'll go along for now.

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^^^^^I was going to ask about that, I vaguely remember Bill but what I do remember was he was not a skeeze. I also remember him dying in the catacombs and Luke bringing his dead body up to the surface. (maybe I'm wrong, but that's what I remember) Luke being programmed seems like a better way to go.

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