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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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Thanks for those airdates, hooked.

I did manage to watch the one with Olivia and Tracy-but I guess I've just missed a LOT. So, when did they "un-Q" Franco and make him Heather's kid?

Oh well. So the Qs keep dwindling.

And yesssss halee, it was me always wanting Thaao on GH.


Has he started? And I hope hope hope he interacts with JE.
Oh, MAMA. :)

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It was supposed to be their 2nd anniversary (not annually, but because of their first marriage). I need to see them together in my screen ASAP, I'm depresses without them :(

Btw that is amazingly beautiful Ms.Q. The left middle is my fav

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Thanks partyperson.

Here is another one I made, this time with Tracy and Connie.


This is sweet - and a death that did NOT need to happen, at least not after this duo got together. With Sonny, not so much, but with Tracy there was BFF gold.

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Merry Christmas Tracy lovers ;* Enjoy your holiday!!!!

Ms.Q that art is SOOO beautiful!!! Anything with Luke and Tracy is beautiful tho, and from what is that pic of Jane and tony laughing from?!

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happy holidays everyone

Just got back from LA

sod had something for 2014 previews about luke/tracy that said luke has another big story coming soon (of course he does) and he and tracy will stay together for now, but the road ahead isn't smooth sailing (seriously I get its a soap and happy couple don't exist for long, but can they just do somethng different rather than him running off or tracy being jealous of some other woman I hope)

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^^^ I swear, these spoilers never change... It's always the same old, same old... And it's just not a LuNacy thing. Everything is recycled. Ah well... At least Tracy was mentioned in the preview. It's been so long since she's been on in any decent capacity.

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**Happy New Year all**

*I hope things pick back up and Jane starts taping in January. I haven't watched GH at all and I doubt I will until Tracy is back on.

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