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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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Sorry for that....I should just not bother to read the comments of whack jobs. Carry on......

I stopped stressing over Luke and Tracy a long time ago. I even stopped watching. And like you said it's a tv show and the writers determine what the couples do. Don't get me wrong I love LuNacy but my life doesn't revolve around them or arguing with people that want lnl. Ain't no time for that.

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I know, right? I think there are like three people left on the internet that still try to debate/fight about it...LOLOL....

It's so not worth the time.

I DVR the show, but my skip button still gets a workout. That is something I've always done, though...FFWd through whatever doesn't interest me or characters I don't like.

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I wonder that alot about fandom - you do know these are fictional characters and the actors playing them don't even think about them as much as you do, right???

My personal favourite is the whole "They owe us" attitude. Please... they owe us squat!

Back to GH, Hooked, I'm seeing lots of spoilers about Luke running off. Have you heard anything? How is Tracy playing into all of this, or is she too busy with Franco?

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And agreed that I don't think most of these actors give their characters much thought when not "working". Nor do I think most of them even care who they are paired with. I'll NEVER get the backlash about Evul Tony Geary for not supporting LnL and stating out loud he doesn't want to go there again. He has the right to voice his opinion, and to state what he'd like to see. And NO, he doesn't owe loyalty to LnL as a couple just because they supposedly launched his career. I'm not trying to be mean, but...GH has really been the only career he's ever had, and I bet at times he hates Luke Spencer, or rather, hates playing him. Who wouldn't hate playing the same character year after year? I don't think that makes him ungrateful to the show or GF, just because he wants to do new pairings. Also agreed..this doesn't owe ANY fanbase a darn thing.

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I think there's a spumor out there that the show is trying to cast Ava's father as a foil for Tracy. Discuss. If they cast him with Richard S, we in bizness. smile.png

Hmm... I haven't see that one anywhere.

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The fact that anyone says TG owes a fanbase anything is crazy. The man has paid them back in full by making gh a sh!t load of money and being typed-cast his entire career as Luke Spencer. They are the reason why he started living in Europe (to get away from the stampede of fans).

Anyway, do we know what Luke has? His illness?

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I'm fairly certain we are going to find out the Jeromes Ava is a part of are THE Jeromes, of old school GH, and we know how they like to play up the mob angle with Tracy.

Not that I think the spumor is necessarily true-but you never know.

I can't imagine it being Victor, even if it were revealed he really wasn't dead, he'd have to be like 90 years old because he was sixty-ish twenty five years ago. I can't imagine it being Julian, I don't think Julian would be old enough to be Ava's father since I guess she's mid forties? He'd only be about ten years older than that. She could be Olivia's kid, but it would have to have been a teenage birth and even then that's stretching it. So maybe someone knew and unheard of?

Personally....I don't think they need to bring on ANYONE else. They have far too many people they never use as it is.

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I think it's going to be Julian Jerome. He doesn't have to be Ava's father to be in the mix. They could be cousins or something like that.

Julian makes sense, too, given the rumors that Lucas is coming back with Bobbie. Considering Julian is Lucas' bio-dad, it brings another good spin with a tie-in to legacy characters.

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So this week only one Tracy day? LOL that is hard for a fan. Her screentime must go up the in the coming weeks with the big amount of JE/TG working time in the studio last month. Or maybe they pre taped for TG vacation and the screentime is spread over June and July.

TG is suppost to be back taping in July, so he is back on screen in August I would think.

I really hope we see lots of Q action and that should include Monica! I love Tracy/Monica.

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Friday June 14:

Tracy catches Luke drinking.

Monday June 17:

AJ and Tracy up the ante in the battle over ELQ.

Wednesday June 19:

The results for Luke's battery of tests come in.

Friday June 21:

Another play is made for ELQ.

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