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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest


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So TraLu was cut finding out Luke skipped town? That's great and means that they might be taking this story in a better direction. Luke bailing is a Guza's speciality and Wolfe might see this with more meaningful story for the Spencers.

I realize that lack of Tracy wears, but it isn't always a bad thing.

BTW we have arrived in Ottawa and it's hot! We are supposed to get the keys tomorrow (for some reason the landlords aren't available to guarantee a time) and the Internet people and movers should arrive. Won't have cable to watch GH so I will be counting on clips and YT.

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Remos no Tracy lulu was cut. Lulu found ou today. Tracy is not spoiled til th and fr.

Nancy never said what issue tgey woukd be in

So lucky burns down Spencer house. Breakdowns say Siobhan inside. Lulu wants update on Luke . Both Spencer kids are devastated. Ethan finds out Luke doesn't want to be redeemable.

Tracy won't be on again til week of 20th I Sontag think after this week

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Sh!t. Oh well - I was hoping wiser minds prevailed. Luke is not this much of an a$$hole. I am not anywhere near a TV nor Internet so I really have no idea what is happening. Spoilers - as usual - are conflicting and misleading.

We are supposed to get our new house today but we haven't heard back about the key exchange yet. Here's hoping the next time I post it's from the comfort of my living room.

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Tracy in neak peek tomorrow

Hey Hooked -I pm'd my email address to you -did you get it? Just checking because I haven't used that before.

That was a nice pic of both of them in the article:)

Hey there - I love your photo -banner - whatever they call it- but I'm wondering which episode it's from...I also love how you have it labeled 'Love of a Lifetime'... I missed that episode because I don't remember that scene

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No Tracy today but she will be on TH and F.

Here is the JE/NLG More Magazine article interview that is online only, not in the magazine itself


Thanks, Hooked! Great article! It is good to see JE doing all these interviews lately. She didn't seem to be very guarded about her privacy in this one at all. :lol:

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