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The Devil Wears Prada.

Meryl Streep was awesome and the fashion was great.

The rest of the movie was okay.

Gonna be seeing that tomorrow! :)

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Just got back from seeing the movie Cars....I actually liked it...Larry the Cable Guy and Tony Shaloub stole the show.....

There were a lot of actors in this movie....Tom Hankes and Tim Allen were also in it; so was NASCAR's Dale Earnhart Jr. and Richard Petty.

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I saw The Devil Wears Prada yesterday and really liked it. Meryl Streep is my favorite actress, and she was great in it. Anne Hathaway was good too. There were parts in the movie where I had to turn the other way b/c I was so embarrassed for Anne's character. The only thing I didn't like was that in the end, they made Meryl's character turn out good. Even though she did have one or two redeeming qualitites, she was such a [email protected]#$%^&*] throughout the whole thing.

I also saw a lot of movies on DVD:

--Pride and Prejudice (w/ Keira Knightly). It was a lot better than I expected it to be. I still prefer the A&E version, but this one was nice and a lot shorter.

--Rumor Has It. It was okay. Not that funny, except for Shriley MacLaine's character.

--The Family Stone. It was really good. It was funny, but really sad too.

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I watched the remake of Flight of the Phoenix with Dennis Quaid playing the James Stewart part. I rather enjoyed it, especially toward the end when it started coming together well.

Then I watched Two Weeks Notice with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant (Sandra Bullock produced this movie) and sort of enjoyed it. It's OK, just seemed like it was sort of stuck in a rut.

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Pirates of the Carribean 2. It was good, but maybe not as good as the first. Although the last 5 minutes did it for me :D Go Pirates 3!!!

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Bad Education (La Mala Educación): A film from Spain by director Pedro Almodovar.

It was a bit weird, and porny. It was OK but didn't like it as much as I did "Talk to Her".

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