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Post which was the last movie you saw and whether it was any good.

Taking Lives with Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke.

It was pretty good and had some nice twists.


Post what song you're currently listening to and whether others should check it out!

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Crash! And let me just say this movie ROCKED!! It was a very emotional and moving picutre sure to garner some oscar attention.

Thandie Newton was OUTSTANDING in this movie as was Sandra Bullock and Matt Dillion.

Alice in Wonderland...my God that movie is so weird.

Favorite Disney movie of all-time. Sometimes when Im really baked I will put this on and then I TRULY appreciate it!

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Sad to say the last movie I saw was Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I found it very funny and plan on buying it when it comes to DVD. I have an extensive video collection just no time to watch them lately. Haven't had time to go to the movies either.

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