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Instead of insulting me, why not try to explain why you disagree? Please don't insult me just because I didn't like a movie.

It seems like the only reason you didn't like it was because they cut out most of the subplots. To me, that is expected. Just look at the length it was: 2.5 hours, and it still felt rushed. I'm not sure many non-book fans would want to sit through it if it was that long. And I thought Gambon did a great job. He made Dumbledore lively, something that was lacking with Harris (But that could have been because he was frail in real life). Sorry I said that, but I just get a little upset when hardcore fans immediately dismiss the movies because they changed minor things that are not needed. J.K. looks at the script, btw, and she gives the "ok" on it. Anyway, a 1 out of 5 is a score Gigli or Hustle and Flow would get, not this. You can't honestly say it was that bad, and if so, give more reason that "Dumbledore was not like that in the book."

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Johnny Depp was HORRENDOUS in this movie. Willy Wonka was NOT like that...

It was good until the 5 kids went into the factory...

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