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ARTICLE: Victoria Konefal Back to ‘Days of our Lives’


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“Days of our Lives” will once again welcome actress Victoria Konefal back to Salem as Ciara Brady Weston.

Earlier this month, the actress not only joined the first in-person “Day of DAYS” fan event in three years but she could also be seen in clips from the fall/winter teaser video shown at the event’s conclusion, wherein her character walks in on her mother, Hope Williams Brady (Kristian Alfonso), getting intimate with Harris Michaels (Steve Burton), a man Ciara first met during Chapter 2 of “Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem.”

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Also returning is Ciara’s father, Bo Brady (Peter Reckell), who won’t be too pleased to see Hope has moved on in the years since his “death.” Of course, he’s being held captive and can barely comprehend things, so he’ll eventually come to an understanding.

Although she could not talk about her upcoming return to the soap with the press due to a flight delay earlier in the day, fans can look forward to Konefal’s return to Salem sometime in 2023. Soap Opera Network also hears that Ciara won’t be returning by herself, which will make plenty of folks very happy!

Check out upcoming scenes from “Days of our Lives,” including the aforementioned Ciara walking in on Hope and Harris scene (1:40 mark) below.

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    • I am kinda glad Taylor won this season.  I enjoyed her underdog arc/journey on the show. I believe she earned it, and I am expecting a big things from her in the future. 
    • So are we watching this together as a family?  
    • SLC   AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! EVERYBODY...LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...ANGIE K JUST DRAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGED JEN OVER THE HILL AND THROUGH THE WOODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   So The San Diego trip began tonight. And given the mid-season trailer, I was expecting the takedown of Heather to start tonight. What I WAS NOT expecting...was everyone beginning to turn on Jen...the newbies leading the charge. Production with their edits. People in their confessionals. People were coming for Jen. FINALLY!!! I guess better late than never since it was to be expected last season. I was shocked, but it was fun to watch. Jen vs Danna. Jen vs Angie K. The gears turning for the other girls (wow. Little Girl for once being first rather than behind) as Angie K gathered Jen ALL...THE...WAY...TOGETHER. And it looks like next week will be more of the same as Fabulous Ice and Heather join in on the coming gang-up.   That said...I'm sorry. The house those girls are staying in. I could not place the location. That can't be La Jolla (the rich section of San Diego). Perhaps Poway. In any case...Mia's Miami house on POTOMAC did better. Talk about low budget. Please register in order to view this content   JEN. On one hand, Production doing that montage of what Jen has gone through since the FBI descended on the van last season was a thing of beauty. On the other hand, is it Production just foreshadowing what's to come by reminding the audience how Jen is. In any case, Jen tried her best to control the narrative by painting herself innocent at the start of the episode (her with the face without makeup) only for her to shoot herself in the foot. She underestimated Angie K, and it showed. And NONE of her techniques (yelling, crying, playing it off, etc) worked on her. She was better off having Angie K as a friend. Because Angie K dropped so much tea on her and gave her lesson in how she should treat her friends. The highlight of the whole episode was THE READ. And Angie K did it flawlessly, no nonsense, AND looked good doing it. She left Jen a hot sobbing mess...ESPECIALLY after she called her a bitca. NO APOLOGY, EITHER. Suck it up. Meanwhile, Danna also handled her by sticking to her guns and ignoring her in a OC Season 9 Lizzie observer kinda way.     HEATHER. Look at Heather continuing to set up that Betrayed Friend narrative. She's already friends with Danna. And this episode she was hanging with her (knowing Jen is mad at her) and Angie H (not gone yet, but NOT invited to San Diego, either). And then talked about how she was 'barely' invited on this trip. Why barely? Up until now Angie H issues aside, Jen was still seeing Heather as the BFF. Just...narrative.    LISA. Was pretty minimum this week other than getting tea spilled on her by Angie K. Perhaps she pot stirred a little. And I expected she might have brought up what Angie K said about Coach Shah's party to start drama between her and Jen so I was surprised when Angie K brought it up instead when Jen came for her when Angie K did not send for her. She just had to stand around and be...Fabulous Ice. And I was here for it.   MEREDITH. Was minimum, too, but was more important than Lisa this week. I loved her attempt to try to be the fun friend a la what Jen has been for Heather so far this season. And I loved her playing (as best she could) Peacemaker between Danna and Jen.    LITTLE GIRL. She was actually given some Kenya Moore style shade this week and I was shocked at it. She was hardcore coming for Jen in the Confessionals and her upcoming trial. Hades must have frozen over for me to say that. Other than that, she WAS pot-stirring between Angie K and Jen. It was sad that Jen fell for the bait while Angie K tried to be above it even after getting a drink dropped on her head by Jen.   That said...when Angie K got into it...WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.   I would say watch the episode just to see Angie K read Jen all the way down. And she's still dragging Jen online as I talk. She is proving how no nonsense she is. And all of this drama...over room assignments per usual. How...HOUSEWIVES. lol.   I felt SLC was turning a corner and FINALLY that its momentum for this season. This episode...it really did get going. Can't wait for next week with Fabulous Ice vs Jen, more of Angie K vs Jen, and Heather vs Jen.        
    • My hope is that Bob Iger will hire back executives who initially greenlit the script for Pine Valley, among other things and this show will be made. I know it's a long shot.
    • Ben aside, which agreed.  He did ruin her.  The way Ciara would dress would take me out of her scenes a lot and made me almost dislike VK because I felt it was her choice to look that sexy when the scene didn't call for it.  That actually makes me kind of petty, but I don't need to see her boobs to know she's beautiful and hot lol.  Marci Miller was the opposite-dressing super dowdy and prairie.  Everything MM, CB, and VK wore/wear are on trend, but they don't fit the character they are playing.  I think Chloe and Chanel are two characters that dress very on trend but still appropriate for their characters. 
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