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GH: Actress Says Goodbye

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I bet Jordan will be recast in a few months.   She did pretty good in the role, however she was much too young for the role.   Hopefully the future nu Jordan will be more age appropriate.  Some possibilities,  Ellen Bethea (ex-Rachel, OLTL), Tina Andrews (ex-Valerie, DAYS),  Daphnee Duplaix(ex-Rachel, OLTL), Karla Mosely (ex-Maya Avant Forrester, B&B, ex-Amanda fill-in, Y&R), ....

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as a black woman, she probably wasn't OK with playing a cop and the show not recognizing anything that's going on irl wrt police and black lives... 


anyway, I actually liked this actress more than the og, it's the character/being a cop that was th problem. The law enforcement on GH have no teeth and *regularly* are working with the criminal element (Sonny, Jason, Carly, etc) and it's like... ew. No. So yeah. Whatever. I expect her to pop up o B&B or Y&R, she's certainty gorgeous enough. 

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8 hours ago, Chris B said:

I was stunned to learn that was her exit. It seemed so sudden that I didn’t realize it wasn’t part of the story. Will be curious to see who else gets struck down by the vaccine mandate. 

WAIT, that's why she left? Ewwwww. 

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