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Days of Our Lives: September 2021 Discussion Thread

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Let's think about Will's script for a minute.

First, how long is this movie if Marlena being possessed happens in the middle of the story?

Second, how does it end?  Sami's story does not have a complete arc, so does the movie end with her moving to LA or being kidnapped?

Third, is Sami famous enough amongst the other citizens of Salem, given how often she must have been in the news, to justify being the central figure in a biopic?

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8 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

SOD Poll


No (68%, 253 Votes)

Yes (32%, 120 Votes)

Total Voters: 373

Screw them.

And I think Deirdre has been fine, too. I think she’s intentionally holding back a bit as this story gets underway, and I don’t understand the criticism of her.

9 hours ago, Craigger said:

Brilliant work by my beloved Mr. Ron Carlivati! Days is on fire! We don't need snoozy yawny Zach Tinker. We need 96 year old Bill Hayes to lead this show. Great job today, Bill. 

Snoozy tawny Zach Tinker? Honey, work on your troll game. It’s in really bad shape.

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