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Days of Our Lives: September 2021 Discussion Thread

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12 hours ago, dragonflies said:

Bill Hayes is so good, I see subtle changes come over Doug when the devil takes over. You can see the difference in his body language, demeanor, etc

He is putting out amazing performances. I've actually been rewatching Doug scenes because he's just so good and so fun. I can't wait to see the continuation of his scenes with Marlena. I'm just floored that this man is 96. He is an absolute treasure. 

I have to say that I appreciate how Days is using their older cast. What other soap has a front burner story featuring a 96 year old, plus John, Marlena, and Julie. And look how much airtime Abe has been getting. The man has a romance and storyline. I'd rather watch these characters than a lot of the younger cast, so I'm glad they're getting something substantial to do. 

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I have to give Ron credit- I have been expecting him to revisit this storyline.  But the way it has begun, focusing on Doug was really a surprise.  A great one.  I love that they appear to still be working regularly, so that means they are still an important part of the story.

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I'm not sure how this ride is going to go, or if RC is able to sustain this SL effectively. However, right now, I can say that watching Doug on Friday's episode was a mix of anticipatory chills and laughs at watching him be naughty. It was so fun that I'm ready to embark on this! It's been a while since soaps were actively entertaining and not just going through the motions. It feels like a heightened level of investment from not just cast and production, but also the network, the media, and fans.

BH did great in definitively kicking this SL off and (his age pertaining, of course) I hope we get to see more of DougDevil trolling various Salemites. As a viewer, it's like 'Why am I kind/sorta/not really/but yes I am, rooting for him?'

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