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The Other Woman | General Hospital promo (week of August 2, 2021)

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Why do you continue to post previews that are half covered? Asking for a friend and everyone that rolls their eyes every Monday? You obviously know how to post it.    Attention thing like your centered posts?

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14 minutes ago, AbcNbc247 said:


Why are they forcing Austin into Michael/Willow/Chase?

He's being forced into every story it feels like. Forced into the Quartermaine family. Forced into the Millow mess. Forced into Nik/Ava stuff. Why can't he just go away? 

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the whole Michael/Willow/Chase thing is DUMB. Willow never should have strung Chase along, for like, no reason. Just tell him you're not into it anymore and move on. You're both young, damn. 

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