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General Hospital: August 2021 Discussion Thread

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1 hour ago, Faulkner said:

I hope so. Make it as messy as possible. They don’t have Y&R’s allergy to drama at GH.

I third this.
And I'd add, as we discussed a few weeks back, that Sonny's likely resentment of what happened with Jason and Carly when he was "gone" might help fuel the messiness and why he might give the Nina flirtation more than a chance despite her betrayal.
But on paper at least it still feels like it would be somewhat out-of-character. Sonny usually would hold grudges, wouldn't he?

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Now those were some pretty good cliffhangers.


Maxie in Nixon Falls!!!


BrookLynn catches Chase with the paper saying that Edward was considering changing the will. Of all the people to catch him...the one who is a mostly good friend to him. Ah, the drama!


And did Sonny have another memory flash. Uh oh...



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Well, you all did warn me. And I still don't like Austin's flat voice either so ugh!!!


The writers did such a great job writing off Cyrus, Peter, and Franco. And it allowed the characters to move on and/or grow. And now Cyrus is used to write Laura and a just returned Martin out...and apparently he is going to show up. Now Peter is the first person to see Sonny....OF COURSE HE IS!!!! They need to stop trying to make 'Fetch' happen with that. And now Franco is Austin...but even drier than Franco was. Just...ugh.


KS looks great, but I wished we had kept Maxie a way a little while longer. 


I really cannot believe that Michael/Willow are sitting here trying to justify their actions. But hey, Chase suuuuure is looking good as he is going off. I'm not sure how I feel about this part of the triangle ending. It just feels too soon. That said, I liked that Brooklynn had Chase's number. I also liked Ned trying to buy Austin off. Where's Tracy when you need her?




Speaking of living...I love to see Terry vs Britt continue!!!! And Ugh...Liz was wrong for that. 



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On 9/1/2021 at 10:45 AM, FrenchBug82 said:

 Sonny usually would hold grudges, wouldn't he?

He is often illogical and irrational when it comes to women.  He forgave Brenda for the wire, Carly for marrying his enemy and all her other shenanigans, he married Claudia and had sex with Ava.  It’s not so out of character for him.

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What's a soap without a little blackmail?


While I don't like Peter and don't like that the writers are letting him win by blackmailing Nina, I admit they are giving me DAYS Kate/Sami mid/late 90s vibes when they had secrets on the other and kept blackmailing each other over it leading to juicy catfights. Hahahahaha at Nina siccing Dr. Orbecht on Peter. GET HIM!!!!


Speaking of soapy, SHAME ON THEM!!! I liked that Willow finally expressed herself to Chase completely, but they could had ridden the Michael/Willow/Chase triangle just a little bit longer, giving the characters so much gray. That was too abrupt. I just felt they threw that out the window for more Austin mess which is currently the LEAST interesting part of the Quartermaine storylines running around. 


I continue to get the feeling that what we are currently watching is Jax's exit story. I just can't shake it. The clear foreshadowing with his repetitive talks with Carly. The fact Jax is becoming uncharacteristically annoying and oblivious like the real personality of the actor is coming out. And Joss's weird talk to Jason about the vibe Carly and Jax are putting out at the dinner with Cam. It's the writing on the wall. I wish I could say that I cared, but too much RL has gotten in the way of me seeing Jax as...Jax. 

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