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Peacock Orders DAYS Spinoff: Beyond Salem

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1 hour ago, Chris B said:

That’s a fast turnaround, but I like it! Get this out of the way and hopefully it can lead to more things. 

Well, it's over a month away and it's not like they have a lot of special effects to do. I'm guessing the premiere date has to do with the plots on the show at that point.


I mean, normal soaps usually shoots with just a few weeks behind, not eight months...

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Posted (edited)

Peacock deleted their tweet.

Peacock deleted their tweet that said "Beyond Salem" would be available 9/6.  They deleted that tweet shortly after they tweeted it.

I don't know why, but the deleted tweet remained embedded in the original post here in this SON thread.  And that post was quotable.  But if you click on that tweet, you get the message "This Tweet was deleted by the Tweet author."

About an hour or so later, someone else asked when Beyond Salem starts streaming.  Then Peacock tweeted this: "There is no news at this time for when Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem will be available on Peacock TV."


Here is the new tweet:



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6 minutes ago, AlexElizabeth said:

No idea who he is but he looks good. This is starting to sound more interesting to me now that we have Carrie, Austin, Anna, and LEO (!!!) joining. I'm assuming they meant to put Tony and not Andre. 



3 minutes ago, victoria foxton said:

Oh snap!!!!!! I just saw this news. 

I found out this morning and no SON to post!!

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3 minutes ago, victoria foxton said:

Besides Sonny's recast. Anna & Tony will also take part in Salem Beyond.  

They have a poll out. Who are they most excited to see back?

Will 39%

Carrie 21%

Recast Sonny 14%

Those are the top 3.   Lisa Rinna doesn't even make the top 3.

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4 minutes ago, Chris B said:

I’m so excited Zach Tinker got this! He’s perfect for Sonny and I wanted him to get something acted Y&R screwed themselves by getting rid of him. 

I am too!  YR gave him the shaft.

Just now, victoria foxton said:

@Soapsuds I wonder if Days will put Zach in those ugly suits?

I doubt it!

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