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GH: July 2021 Discussion Thread

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And I'm OVER Austin. Just...ugh. Just everywhere even when he doesn't need to be there. And now...NOW...he wants to be at this bday party and hint he might have heard Maxie and BrookLynn. Ugh. I don't even want to see a Austin/Michael rivalry now and it actually started off promising.


And oooooo at this gaslighting that Spencer is doing to Ava. Ironic THERE's Nik doing the same to Liz. Like father, like son indeed. lol. 


That said...I had stopped watching during most of this Hayden shooting stuff so to hear this is a rewrite...I have to get around to watching those clips posted in here of what actually happened. 

Awwww...Chase is walking. So that must mean he will find out about Michael/Willow and probably not tell anybody. Well...if this leads to Brooklyn/Chase, I'm down. lol.





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