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DAYS: July 2021 Discussion Thread

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58 minutes ago, Chris B said:

Now that they’ve announced the Days spin off, it’s more clear why Freddie is saying this now. They didn’t say Will or Sonny is appearing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what brought this up. Perhaps they want a stronger actor since it’ll be for a streaming service. 

You mean Freddie Emmy reel at the 10:30 mark isn't strong enough?


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12 hours ago, Vee said:

Yes, if anyone gives his work 110%, it's Chandler Massey.

LMAOOOOOOO So true. The guy is one lazy actor, and no one signals “this script is garbage” like Chandler Massey. Getting him to commit to the material is near impossible, and instead it’s all smirks and near-eye rolls.

CM is a nice guy, but I hope he finds a career he enjoys and stays away from acting.

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Posted (edited)
11 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

You mean Freddie Emmy reel at the 10:30 mark isn't strong enough?


I tried watching a bit. But it's so cringey. Freddie's so self important. He acts like he is a big youtube star. The dog has more personality. Than his dull humans. Who on earth would want to watch this?

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She is welcome to quit the show and go catch Covid in TX or FL if she prefers.

I swear social media is going to be the death of us on many levels. It spreads nonsense like wildfire but also makes people think their dumb offensive thoughts are profound, meaningful because they will find three idiots that cheer them on.
How deluded must a person with a public following be to think posting this is not going to seriously hurt their career and image and how convinced they are of their own wisdom that they think it is worth the backlash?

I continue to think we are better off knowing as little as possible about the people whose work we enjoy.

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