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Not really getting this Flo/Shauna angle of the storyline. I don't get why Flo is so shocked that Shauna didn't tell her that "she slept with Carter"


Seriously, in what universe do a parent and a child talk to each other about each other's sex lives? Even if they are close and even if they're both adults, it's still awkward af 

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Shauna is full of crap! She doesn’t tell her daughter about her one night stands or lovers because Flo didn’t know if her daddy was

Bill Spencer or Storm Logan.  

Why couldn’t they have done something new vs the old overhearing something at the Forrester office door?

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Why is Flo still on the show? 

Why haven’t Quinn and Shauna learned by now to keep their mouths shut instead of incessantly spilling tea every time they see each other? 

Why am I suppose to care about poor wittle Zoe’s feelings after all she’s done already? 

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