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May I be a stuck-up scold for a second and say that, while there are a gazillion reasons to dislike RH as an actor and/or resent what they are doing with his nine characters, his looks have nothing to do with it. I am not particularly attracted to him (or SB for that matter) but I am not impressed by the "Let me list what I don't like about his body" commentary.


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17 minutes ago, Ponds said:

I think when you bare it on TV that you have put yourself out there for criticism.

I don't think that's quite right: it is not like it is their choice. That's their job.

Now, I wouldn't go to the barricades on this because I get it: I get shallow too but I think it is better to stick to positive comments when it comes to performers looks. If I find a performer is looking bad, I bite my tongue.
I cringe when people say really vicious things about the looks of performers. They are still human beings, regardless of whether I like their work or not AND whether I personally "would" or not.
Belittling people because one does not find their body to fit an artificial standard does not impress me much and distracts from the real actual criticisms that can be made.

Again, not casting stones: I am sure I have done it before. But the conversation about RH yesterday struck me as completely unnecessarily unpleasant. And Lord knows there is PLENTY more legitimate things to say about him and whatever GH is doing bringing him back.

Not going to belabor the point though; just wanted to express it.

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Even if he was the greatest thing to ever hit daytime- the issue with RH for me is that he is on his third character on by this show.  Easton is on his 3rd as well (more if you count the vampire revisit), all in the same decade.  It’s beyond ridiculous.  And I like Roger.  They have wasted the potential of casting choices that could reinvigorate parts of their canvas to cater to two actors that aren’t even popular from GH.  It’s not like we gave Michael Sutton a new part, or had Stuart Damon return as Alan’s twin.

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14 hours ago, victoria foxton said:

I always find the mob shootouts so comical. At least GH has sets to do this stuff. Unlike poor Days.

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These shootouts are comical. All those bullets flying — and almost all misses from a close range. It’s ridiculous and hysterical.


Why would anyone choose to live in Port Charles with all this violence and mob activity? Real estate must be cheap.



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Posted (edited)
On 5/29/2021 at 12:25 AM, slick jones said:

Awfully pasty,,,,,,  Especially for one that jogs daily.....     O_O 

This poor girl got wrung through the wringer in this couple of days.  She sure is a good sport!



As opposed to this dull as dishwater character


Can she please contract what Chase has... Then Michael and Chase can have grief sex.     


Oh gee, blood on the floor and my daughter's car isn't here.....  I should go in...






Instead of filling the Quartermaine mansion with random people around town, maybe this guy and his kids should be staying there...


Cuz he could still get it!!!!!   Come to think of it, Bobbie and Lucy both have no love interest    I see a c-story right there.



Hope doesn't ask her to braid that mop-looking hair of his after she ends up sewing up that bullet wound.    STILL NOT REMOTELY SCARY!!!!      I expect him to yell Mommy when she tries to get that bullet out!



I noticed Elizabeth back on screen at the same time Dr. Pasty showed up.    They need to release her from that albatross and give her a decent storyline-- a man isn't the first priority she needs, an interesting storyline is.  And F*ck #firefrank for relegating her to propping his friends.  This will be her 24th anniversary this year.  Give her something that shows off her Chops!!!!!     She's been rockin' the Mama Bear routine.


Trina, Joss and Cam need love interests/ friends to fill a teen set. It is ridiculous that they have no contact with anyone but each other on-screen.



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 this post lol


It's so blatant with Elizabeth. Frank's greasy hands are all over this show. If we don't have someone gutting the heart and soul of the show, we have someone running a vanity project.


Rebecca Herbst is popular, talented and for some reason they .... don't write to that? I don't really blame Dan (I'm not sold on Chris). I LOVE her as Mama Bear. And she should have more friends and stronger relationships than Terry (no offense to Terry but they phone it in with her). Laura, Bobbie, among others ... 


I mean, Frank dumped Genie too. He went to the Frons School of Soap. As he catered to the male stars like Geary and Benard (likely because he's weak and didn't want to lose his job; hence "The Writer" getting fired; I love how Ron hates Mumbles Benard and Geary)


I wonder if they do anything for her 25th next year? 


Dr. Pasty! LMAO. I'm dead. I'm totally calling him that. 


Cyrus is still pathetic, though the long hair helps make him slightly more menacing (LOL! As much as he possibly could be ... lord).


Frank doesn't care about the vets. They get their bones in the writing but could be used more and better. We see them for a few episodes and I think "they're finally using them as they should" but then they disappear. 


I also blame having 60000 castmembers.


Howarth gets to play his third role on this show while vets sit on the sidelines and half the cast is recurring and not used well. Make it make sense ...


UK soaps are half hour and make better use of their casts (though not lately TBH)


Anywho ... the show has potential which is why I'm so annoyed over certain things.


The focus is wrong. The balance sucks.


Bobbie and Lucy should be fighting over him. That would be great. Why didn't they put Lucy with Valentin? Gregory is single (Colonel Sanders Tad is free) ... though I feel like they're saving him for Alexis for some reason.


I could go on ... I keep editing to add things LOL


I better not see Kimberly J. Brown wasted on Chad Duell. Ever. I'll fly to California and picket the damn studio. LOL. She's great. So full of life, unlike Wallow and Sidepiece (I like Sasha and Brando, but at the same time, why are they wasting my time with them?). 


Though I'm confused because isn't Brown on contract? I mean, I know Nina and Ava and others have done shittastic things but hey at least it's been entertaining (what little I've seen). 

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15 hours ago, BigMAnOnDeck said:

Tbh I like Cyrus as a villain even though he can be grating.


I *want* to. That's my problem. I'm just not there. I think the writing could be better. Maybe it will get there. I like Jeff Kober. I see potential. 

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Kimberly Brown is a psycho dayplayer. No way they put her on contract. The character is disposable fodder and she does not fit the shallow type of daytime anymore.

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Yeah I feel that it has more to do with RH the actor versus RH the person as well. That and the fact that he is on a new character.


And are we to shame a man who is in his 50s that has managed to have a fit body ready...and apparently willing...to bear in a love scene...a soap's bread and butter? Personally, I am impressed that it sounds likes SB has been into the scene since he has not be for love scenes in a long time and the best I feel Jason has looked was back in the late 90s, early 20s with the wavy hair during the start of Liason.


As a gym rat I am going to admire his physique and yeah drool a bit lol...soomething I don't often do for SB. lol. But there's a lot of things going on with SB and Jason that has been enjoyable to watch as of late...which a lot of posters have mentioned. The flip side of that of course has been there's been a lot to say about RH and Franco/Todd/FakeDrew/Whoever that will immediately put a bad taste in people's mouth. So there's a reason why people are groaning at yet another character...especially since a lot of the other characters and the writing for them have been lackluster.  


And on another note, usually a lot of actors young and old are given notice about when they are to be bare. And I am sure some actors definitely have the power to veto that. So I guess I would find it odd that if an actor has no choice that they might want to 'get ready' just in case some online person(s) want to pick on them. SM sadly has made that waaaay too easy to do. 

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10 hours ago, KMan101 said:

I better not see Kimberly J. Brown wasted on Chad Duell. Ever.

I'll take it if it means we're rid of Willow. Lord, she's boring. Michael and Willow talking about how fun it was to make pizza together in the pizza oven... are you kidding? What a snooze.


I'm not familiar with the actress playing the nurse but she's a fun psycho. I do like Maxie, who just gave birth and is holding a baby, still managing to get the best of her.


Is stuff like kissing just dependent on what the actors are comfortable with? We got like three minutes of Britt/Jason making out but Portia/Curtis got the fade-to-black COVID kiss.


Cyrus does look far more menacing without the ponytail. That was a good ending with him at Portia's house.

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15 hours ago, Vee said:

Kimberly Brown is a psycho dayplayer. No way they put her on contract. The character is disposable fodder and she does not fit the shallow type of daytime anymore.

I agree. I enjoy GH but I have no illusions about what they’re doing. From the moment she was announced I knew not to hope for more than we get. Like you said, she’s a psycho day player and will be gone soon. Same with speculating who actors will play. You know it’ll be random so why mention all these logical choices that make sense for the characters? I just go with the ride. 

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On 5/29/2021 at 8:33 AM, Liberty City said:


Meh. I'd take Roger Howarth over Steve Burton any day of the week.


Thank you.


I don't know what Roger Howarth did to you people's cats or dogs or maybe he stole money from you, but ragging on the man's appearance?  That's messed up.  All because he showed up with another character when I don't remember this much complaining when Michael Easton showed up with his 25th character.


And I would never praise Burton for anything.  I've heard more messed up things about him than Roger Howarth.

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