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Actors whose social media unreasonably annoys me.

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I am old enough to know that actors use social media to promote themselves and it is not always an honest representation of their real lives.  However, several soap actors use Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok in ways that really irritate me.  I am not talking about actors who espouse opposing political views, because social media seems like the place where everyone should be free to express their unpopular opinions. I mean the preening narcissism that too many actors use to engage their fans.   So, I figured that we must all have a list of actors that we "love to hate" on social media, I'll start...


My first would be Robert Scott Wilson.  The squint he makes in every picture makes me wish that his face gets stuck that way as he ages.  There seems to be nothing more "basic" than actors who deify Scorsese and Tarantino movies.  The use of metal music to underscore his workouts makes me want to scream.  And, don't get me started on his appropriative accent.  It's totally illogical, he can like whatever he wants and speak however he wishes, but it rubs me the wrong way.


Then, we have Kyle Lowder.  I cringe every time he starts an Instagram video by looking away from the screen then slowly pans into view, we know you are shooting yourself by holding the phone, just look into the camera, you fool.  The never changing haircut from 1992 sends chills down my spine.  And the Hallmark card quotes about sunsets and workouts drive me crazy  His content is completely benign and inoffensive, but these traits never fail to to get my goat.


Finally, an obscure one, Alec Musser.  This one I will admit is just pure jealousy because this former AMC star seems to live a life filled with skiing, surfing, and travel despite having no viable means of support.   He hasn't acted in years, and seems too old to be sponsored, so I covet his carefree existence of playing everyday.  Again, I have no knowledge of the man or his recent work, I'm just following for the occasional shirtless pic, so my reaction is completely irrational.


Note that I am creating this list in jest and do not wish to engage in a dialogue about actors who do not share the opinions of their fans.  So, please do not submit your ideas about actors who endorse fast food chicken restaurants, religion, and former presidents on this thread.  This not meant as a critique of any particular actor, their skills or talents, just the peculiarities of their social media persona.  So, I want to see who you follow on social media even though their content arouses an unreasonable amount of annoyance.

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