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Sharon Case Reveals Real-Life Romance with ‘The Young and the Restless’ Co-Star Mark Grossman

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1 hour ago, irishguy1985 said:

didn't we know this already?

Yes we knew since 2019, LOL.  They've posted pics of themselves on trips together on their instagrams.  Not overt but clear enough.


My impression was that Sharon Case was saying that, in autumn 2020, she officially revealed their relationship to the powers that be at Y&R.  I mean, the show probably knew, but Case officially told them.  She told the show they are in a relationship, just in case the show was considering storyline options during COVID, to let them know that these two actors can touch because they're already in a relationship.  I don't think she was promoting it, just giving it as an option.  They probably had to have it officially on record - otherwise the Y&R COVID protocols would have nixed any touching.

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