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Glad to see they cast him. I don't trust Griffith however. It's nice to see Amanda get a family even though they aren't being written for ...

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Counting down to his loosely-Amanda-involved-or-in-the-room death in 3-2-1....


Seriously, I suspect through him, we’ll find out where Imani gets her personality from.

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never ceases to amaze me how they stay writing granny Phyl vs. younger and younger women, meanwhile HIlary/Amanda is out here w/ these dead-ass stories. 

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Posted (edited)


Jack Landrón has been cast as Sutton Ames.
He is the father of Amanda's mother Naya Benedict.
His debut airdate is Monday April 5th US (Friday April 2nd Canadian).

About actor Jack Landrón





His wikipedia entry has a lot of interesting history!



The man Naya was involved with with during college -

the bio-father of Amanda & Hillary, was named Richard Nyland.  He died in a car accident shortly after the twins were born.


Now, Sutton Ames is accused
of having arranged that long-ago car accident in some way, so Sutton is being charged with Richard Nyland's murder, and Naya wants Amanda to be Sutton's defense attorney.


The conflict is that Sutton had encourged Naya to give up the twins, so Amanda knows he didn't want her in the family.



@Dylan mentioned this upthread: Tues March 30 CDN: "Amanda's father used work for Newman Enterprises."

Thanks! I hadn't watched that eppy yet.


From the soapcentral recap

Tues 3/30 CDN / Wed 3/31 US ...

When Richard had graduated from college, he'd begun working for a company (Newman Enterprises) that provided sizeable political donations to Naya's father (Sutton Ames). Richard had discovered that a man had allegedly bent a few rules to benefit the Newman company. Richard had discovered something, and he'd seen it as shady. He'd wanted to expose it, but before he'd had the chance, Richard had died. The question was whether Richard had died in the car accident or if he'd been killed to keep him quiet. There had been a commercial real estate deal that Victor had wanted pushed through, but there had been zoning restrictions in the way until Naya's father had become involved. Amanda wonders how she would be able to live with herself if she allows Naya's father take the fall, and Richard's real killer remains free. 


(edited a bunch of times to add some info, and also because I had formatting glitches and typos)

Edited by janea4old
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That is just all types of messy!

Y&R wished they could get Keith David, lol.


Seriously, with so-called soap bloggers putting out this level of sloppy copy, it's no wonder this genre has fallen so hard.

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