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Our kind of people


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FOX’s President of Entertainment Michael Thorn has given a series order for Our Kind of People by Academy Award nominee Lee Daniels (Empire) and Karin Gist (Grey’s Anatomy). Inspired by Lawrence Otis Graham’s acclaimed novel, Our Kind of People: Inside America’s Black Upper Class, the primetime series will run during the 2021-22 season.


"Viewers can expect to be taken on a journey through the aspirational world of Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard — a place where the rich and powerful black elite have come to play for over 50 years. When strong-willed, single mother Angela Vaughn sets out to get back her family’s name, and make a real difference with her revolutionary haircare line that highlights the innate, natural beauty of black women, a dark secret about her mother will turn her world upside-down and leave the community shaken — forever".

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It was sort of messy and exposition central - it's obvious that they threw a lot (every?) soap cliches at the wall, but I also think the pilot could've benefitted from using a more stream-lined approach and focusing on Angela's character and POV and letting the other characters come in later. I'm a bit surprised since both Empire and Star had such strong pilots. I will say that it did seem to get it together for the last act but I'm not sure if people stuck around that long.

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I struggled through watching this. Maybe I just had high hopes. As others have said, the writing was all over the place!! Too many characters. I had trouble keeping track of who/how each were supposed to tie in. The episode definitely should have featured Angela arriving and filling in her history with flashbacks. The 2nd ep could have introduced the family she's trying to infiltrate and feature them. Ep 3 should have been the nominating party tying them together.

Just my thoughts...shows aren't given the time to develop anymore. Everything tries too hard to be guns blazing from jump.

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This week was much better paced, but it feels oddly dated. One thing is transition things when changing the scene and at the same time trying to show off how wealthy Martha's Vineyard is and how it's The Hamptons for black people - I mean, I get it in a way because as a white guy from Europe I had never heard of it before, but surely it could be done in a less... early 2000s way? A lot of the script also comes across as a bit 20-30 years out of date weirdly enough. I can't quite put my finger on it.

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On 9/28/2021 at 11:06 AM, kalbir said:

Is this show worth watching? With Empire ending last year and CW Dynasty season finale coming up I'm in need of a good primetime soap.

The first eppy reminded me of Love and Hip Hop.  Folks doing way too much out of the gate to become HBIC.  I have not watched after that.  I'm not even curious.  Miss "I need a nasal decongestant" Yaya Dacosta as lead?  Not even shirtless Morris Chestnut can get me to watch.  

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