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HULU: Adding more 90's shows starting March 8th

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Yeah I think some of those are returns. 


I'm fine with that. I know I'll be binging MOESHA and LIVING SINGLE as early as possible in my time. 

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On 3/7/2021 at 4:32 PM, Khan said:

Why on earth would they have fired T.C. Carson?  His love/hate chemistry with Erika Alexander was one of the best things about the show.  Either he was a bastard BTS, or the producers/production company/network were idiots.



AFAIC, the show was dead without him. The Max/Kyle relationship was the core of the show.


I don't know when this Kim Fields interview happened, but the Source has it dated in December.




Many classic shows are getting the reboot treatment and Fields would need a possible Living Single reboot to be done correctly or not at all.


“First of all, you can’t just mess around and just start rebooting something, you know especially if that something was so amazing and iconic and a gamechanger the first go-round,” she said.


The actress added that the reboot will have to be parallel to the original series. “[Series creator Yvette Lee Bowser] created…lightning in a bottle.  So for this next go-round, we want to make sure we are true to the characters, true to where they would be…we have to be true to what you expect from the brand of Living Single.”


Kim Fields added that they’re all busy with their personal projects and it’s difficult to get them all together at once.


T.C. Carson, who portrayed the beloved character Kyle, was fired after expressing discrepancies with the way the show as marketed and character’s stereotypes. Fields spoke about filming the final season without him.


“It was very difficult doing the last season without T.C.,” she said. “With Living Single, we spent four years together, so that family dynamic changed and none of us really saw it coming.  It was very difficult personally, professionally, creatively…just know we never stopped being a family behind the scenes and off-camera.”



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8 hours ago, Vee said:

AFAIC, the show was dead without him. The Max/Kyle relationship was the core of the show.


Agree.  LS was so much about presenting African-Americans in a positive light.  Nowhere did that light shine brighter on the show than on Max and Kyle.  They were two college-educated, urban and urbane professionals; who were allowed to be good at their professions; and who were flawed and funny without being reduced to the usual, buffoonish stereotypes.


To me, it's shameful, but not at all surprising, that WBTV did a much better job marketing the vastly overrated "Friends," a painfully unfunny show with a similar concept (a half-dozen twentysomethings experience the ups and downs of life in the big city) that never had any POC in its' cast, despite being set in one of the most diverse cities on the planet.  But what REALLY smarts to this day (but, sadly, is no less surprising) is how LS' own network, FOX, appeared to be more concerned with promoting "The Simpsons" than they did with promoting LS or "Martin."

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    • Wendy Riche spoke about dealing with the network when she wanted to tell an AIDS story before the Labine had decided on Stone and Robin. She had gone to the network about having A.J. Quartermaine contract the disease from a situation that would leave people asking who slept with who. Of course, it's also rumored that Marland intended for Hank Eliot, not his lover Charles, to die of the disease. In both scenarios, there is definitely a concern about perpetuating a stereotype that gay men are promiscuous.    Here's the transcript from the Riche interview on WeLoveSoaps:     I'm watching a bit of 1995. There is a scene that I watched, before seeing this more recently, where A.J. shows up at the gatehouse and crashes a girls' night with Brenda and Lois. I believe the purpose of the scene is for Ned to walk in and be upset that A.J. is meddling, but there are moments where I feel like A.J. enjoyed just dishing the dirt with the ladies and that the show was testing the waters at pre- "Will and Grace" dynamic between A.J. and the ladies. It's entirely possible I completely misread the scene as well.   
    • It’s hard. These shows just weren’t built with us in mind. I feel like there was a small window to tell really strong LGBTQ stories in the early-to-mid ‘90s when society had advanced enough to be somewhat inclusive and soaps had become more grounded after their ‘80s flights of fancy yet still had quality and budget.     These remaining soaps are a lost cause. They are essentially zombies coasting on a mostly conservative audience born before the Kennedy administration. They can barely tell watchable stories about *anything.*   Most primetime portrayals don’t even really do it for me. Ryan Murphy has been an absolute scourge. The best screen depictions of gay men for me have always been movies like “My Beautiful Laundrette” and “Happy Together” and the rare TV series like the British version of “Queer As Folk.” (Hope the new one set in New Orleans can approach that quality.)
    • I agree with y'all, and I guess that's why I'm easier on soaps and other shows if they don't necessarily get it right. I'm not easy on them enough to still watch or support something I don't like, but I do think that "trying" is worth something. After being excited for a short while, I ended up absolutely HATING Luke/Noah on ATWT and thought they were embarrassing. But other gay men, especially the older ones who'd been watching the show for years and years, loved them. So while they just made me roll my eyes, I understood that they meant more to others. Still wanted that relationship blown to smithereens for something more fun, but y'know. GLEE. I hated it. But what it did for many gay youth can't be denied. I know that someone will reply that there were other majorly problematic things with the show, but my point is that it served tons of gay kids who otherwise would not have gotten that confidence boost or feeling of community.
    • Entering April and...   ...GOOOD this show reeks of propping. I cannot with the loops the writers are writing in to keep Peter around, Why is Dr. O who has went toe to toe in hand combat with Anna...IN A MASK TO BOOT or Carly who has pulled every trick in the book or even Maxie who has fake a pregancy and used to be the crafty schemer herself so scared of this nothing burger of weaksauce son of a GH villain I like? Uh...NO!!!   Yeah, that scene of Cameron picking on Jake was a bad one. WL has done better. That said, I do like there is family conflict in Liz's family. Those boys have gotten along for too long.   So is the next event we are building up to is the opening of Curtis's club? There is enough story building going on at least to have things happen.   I am just sadden that a month ago, there was momentum going on and climaxes and it fell flat in two weeks.     
    • I am shocked at you.  LVP is cohosting that new dog show with Rebel Wilson, has VPD still in the works, and at least has one more project in the works I believe if memory serves. And VPR is still in the air...especially now that Kandi is about to start filming that OLG spinoff show. It's why I had to post that tweet. No matter how things go, LVP STAYS hustling. Kyle could NEVER.    And Andy Cokehead's ratings are not much better at times so Twitter can stay pressed. Please register in order to view this content 
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