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Business mogul cast on YR

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16 hours ago, Taoboi said:

It's funny you should say that since I would love to see RB's character paired with Jill.


Happy for him. But felt he was wasted (from what I read) on GH. From what I saw in pictures he looked good (with his foine self) with all the actresses. 


Salt-n-pepper Fox is super foine! But the way they are talking about the character on the show, it sounds like a one-note, moustache-twirling villain is coming to town. Another Ian, as it were. I really fear he will be killed off in some two-week whodunnit, where one of the Abbotts/Newmans did it, but it was 'justified' because he was Evil.


10 hours ago, NothinButAttitude said:

Why does Y&R keep creating these "tycoon" characters when this show hasn't had a great business story since Safra v. Tuvia? 


They do more talking about their jobs than they do showing it. Poor Richard Burgi is about to be wasted yet again. 


Lastly, why do these shows keep creating new characters when they already have 40+ years of characters? He could've easily been Tucker and call it day. 


yikes Tucker 


So true about talking about their jobs rather than doing it. I'm assuming they are limited due to budget and social distancing, but we always see them yapping about their boring lives in the Jabot conference room rather than actually having a board meeting.

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10 hours ago, Cat said:

yikes Tucker 


I suggested Tucker b/c he still has ties to the canvas and is a tycoon character that we already care for. Plus, Ashley could use a suitor and something the do, Devon could build a relationship with his biological dad, and I'd prefer someone in the Chancellor house other than all Genoa City's strays. 

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