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The first retcon I would reverse is the Franko is a Baldwin bulls hit.


#firefrank  and his pets need to go.


Finn and Anna are an extremely boring couple.  Finola Hughes is way too full of energy for such a dull pairing.  She needs a scene partner with charisma.  Easton hasn't shown any in years.


Rebecca Herbst has always been a standout, but her last three years being a Franko apologist (with Cameron acting as his personal pilot fish) is beyond nauseating.  William Lipton still looks good, but that montage with the hats.....


Throw Up In Mouth GIFs | Tenor


As for the Nelle not Wallow is Nina's daughter..  Maybe the last year and a half of dropping anvils of a Wallow/Nina reveal wasn't the best idea. 


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Let's get Ryan out of that chair and do some housecleaning.   Start with Wallow, go after Maxie, but Parking lot Pete winds up getting killed and Jason gets blamed shuttling SB off canvas.

During his final attempt to attack Ava, Franko and Nina arrive, rush to the parapet, charge at Ryan.  All three fall, with Ryan landing on F&N.  Ryan survives, and Ava yells at their corpses for breaking his fall.  <if only>


Oh Tristan.........




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I love Becky Herbst but her fans will ride or die for any substantial-sized soap star with a penis and an in with the EP. Roger Howarth is that, a favorite of the press and the brass. As long as he breathes air on set, Liz has a man and a place in the show favored by the front office. Her fanbase won't give that up no matter how many people Franco kills in Rube Goldberg Saw traps. They know if he goes it's back to the backburner and C/D-list castoffs for Liz. They have accepted the Jeffrey Dahmer trade-off.

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Oof. I feel bad for Wes, but that reaction to Alex’s videotape was dreadful. You could see his eyes get wet, but the tears wouldn’t fall. Why they didn’t realize this wasn’t working and cut bait before creating these Byzantine connections is beyond me.

Some of the worst acting I’ve seen in years. Certainly on this show...

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For chrissakes, please tell me Peter’s comeuppance is imminent. This cutesy scene with Maxie asking him to marry her is like twisting the knife. I don’t even think Josh Griffith would be this cruel.

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9 minutes ago, dragonflies said:


Did he mean to spell it “lye”? Is that like Middle English or something?


I agree with Alan Sarapa that sometimes it’s better for public figures to be quiet.

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32 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

For chrissakes, please tell me Peter’s comeuppance is imminent. This cutesy scene with Maxie asking him to marry her is like twisting the knife. I don’t even think Josh Griffith would be this cruel.

James E. Reilly wouldn't even be this cruel lol


Luckily, it looks like the big reveal is going to continue tomorrow

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On 3/2/2021 at 5:21 PM, AbcNbc247 said:

That's Frank's way of keeping his friends and pets on the canvas: tie them to existing, likable characters in order to get fans to like them as well.


And honestly, they've tied so many characters and storylines to Peter and all of his stuff that I'm starting to forget some of it.

All this Peter stuff is too convoluted and frankly boring. Now this twist with Alex devane possibly being his mother is just another confusion. Kill him off already. 


As for giving Maxie a significant other I was thinking that they might as well have made the guy who plays Chase a recast for Nathan, instead of sticking Maxi with this guy.


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There really was no need for all that, Wes.

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    • Idk, I feel like Days, much like GH, has always been their own networks favorite.  I think they both have always had a little more leeway especially now since they are the last ones standing.  I can't see how Days/Gh don't make some money.  Obviously, Days works on a shoestring, but I think they still do okay.  Plus, they still resemble a show that was great years ago with all the vets still involved.  They have had a lot of awkward stories, but NBC is a network that greenlit Passions for many years.
    • Ding, ding, ding. lol.   Well thankfully, someone was kind enough to do an article about this and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post from that site so let me see if I can break down what happened:   During the height of BLM and Bravo firing people right and left, Bravo was going to open a dialogue about race. Problem? They were only going to do it by streaming/Intrasgram. KANDI, who was wanting to talk to Bravo about changes about how the network dealt with race, got wind of this and emailed them, saying they should do it in prime time as a special to reach a wider audience. She also suggested they used Bravolebrities. Bravo agreed. The result? The RACE IN AMERICA specials that Bravo aired.    Meanwhile, Kandi asked Bravo to work with more black owned production companies and hire more from well known black universities. Basically what we have been saying in other threads on these boards about how representation...true representation...should be in front of AND behind camera. That way people get to experience what it was like to be around other races and have diversity. Kandi told Porsha, Tanya, and Marlo about reaching out to Bravo. And they...did not take kindly to that. Kandi was shocked, especially since it seem they were mostly annoyed that Kandi reached out to Bravo without discussing it first. So Kandi got annoyed...especially at Porsha who at that point was very active in the BLM movement as well.    The disagreement supposingly got leaked to the press. So FILMED ON THE SHOW Kandi confronted Porsha about all of this. BUT...that scene WAS CUT. The problem? A lot of Kenya's actions after that was filmed since she walked into the middle of the conversation when it was filmed WAS NOT CUT OUT OF THE SHOW, making it seem like she was just 'being the villain.' Said scene would have revealed her motivations for all she said in the first place, giving the slow burn needed to that bachelorette party I've said months ago. Kenya had already discussed this scene (even on one of Kandi's SPEAK ON IT I believe) and accused Porsha of begging producers to cut the footage per the image she was showing this season since the conversation put Porsha in a not nice light since it seem clear she was jealous of Kandi for being active in BLM as well.    I believe you mentioned the interview Kandi did with Vulture above. Well so did Porsha. Last night. On her LIVE.   Before last night, people have asked her about this before now. But she has been mute. Last night she defended her part in the situation. However she also admitted YES SHE ASKED PRODUCTION TO CUT THE SCENE. aka KENYA WAS RIGHT. aka UH OH.   Porsha also confirmed that Kandi and Porsha had cleared up this disagreement but it went left when Kenya walked over and Kandi and Porsha fell out. So Porsha knew how it would look...BAD...so she went to them to take it out.   Thus, Kenya who was right does not like being made to look like a liar and the running rumor is that she brought this up at the reunion...AND WE MIGHT SEE THE SCENE TOO...and she brought receipts to back this up. She really felt that Porsha must be using BLM for personal reasons if she is going to be pressed about Kandi also supporting BLM...and if as they are all black women supporting the same cause...why is Porsha pressed? Why does she not own it? And THAT brings us to what you said above...cuz if that comes out...that brings us back to a few months ago when some of us here were debating if Porsha's activism was real or not...and that answer would become murky I suspect with the new scene in question.    I knew Porsha was already marching before filming so I feel she was being real and raising awareness. But being jealous of Kandi for doing the same...is not a good look. She could have pivot from that, but kinda chose not to per her constant rivalry with Kenya. Bad form. And thus mess.   I feel like I forgot something but that is the basis I believe.       
    • Amazing cast.  But with many Marland episodes I felt like I needed a tranquilizer after watching.  This show was on speed. Too many characters and chaos in many of these scenes.  
    • Please no Connor, and mostly please don't ever let him sing again   https://youtu.be/nZKrkpRa4EA?t=70    
    • By Jackie Zeman's Insta I think they filmed the episode today
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