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The first retcon I would reverse is the Franko is a Baldwin bulls hit.


#firefrank  and his pets need to go.


Finn and Anna are an extremely boring couple.  Finola Hughes is way too full of energy for such a dull pairing.  She needs a scene partner with charisma.  Easton hasn't shown any in years.


Rebecca Herbst has always been a standout, but her last three years being a Franko apologist (with Cameron acting as his personal pilot fish) is beyond nauseating.  William Lipton still looks good, but that montage with the hats.....


Throw Up In Mouth GIFs | Tenor


As for the Nelle not Wallow is Nina's daughter..  Maybe the last year and a half of dropping anvils of a Wallow/Nina reveal wasn't the best idea. 


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Let's get Ryan out of that chair and do some housecleaning.   Start with Wallow, go after Maxie, but Parking lot Pete winds up getting killed and Jason gets blamed shuttling SB off canvas.

During his final attempt to attack Ava, Franko and Nina arrive, rush to the parapet, charge at Ryan.  All three fall, with Ryan landing on F&N.  Ryan survives, and Ava yells at their corpses for breaking his fall.  <if only>


Oh Tristan.........




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I love Becky Herbst but her fans will ride or die for any substantial-sized soap star with a penis and an in with the EP. Roger Howarth is that, a favorite of the press and the brass. As long as he breathes air on set, Liz has a man and a place in the show favored by the front office. Her fanbase won't give that up no matter how many people Franco kills in Rube Goldberg Saw traps. They know if he goes it's back to the backburner and C/D-list castoffs for Liz. They have accepted the Jeffrey Dahmer trade-off.

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Oof. I feel bad for Wes, but that reaction to Alex’s videotape was dreadful. You could see his eyes get wet, but the tears wouldn’t fall. Why they didn’t realize this wasn’t working and cut bait before creating these Byzantine connections is beyond me.

Some of the worst acting I’ve seen in years. Certainly on this show...

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For chrissakes, please tell me Peter’s comeuppance is imminent. This cutesy scene with Maxie asking him to marry her is like twisting the knife. I don’t even think Josh Griffith would be this cruel.

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9 minutes ago, dragonflies said:


Did he mean to spell it “lye”? Is that like Middle English or something?


I agree with Alan Sarapa that sometimes it’s better for public figures to be quiet.

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32 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

For chrissakes, please tell me Peter’s comeuppance is imminent. This cutesy scene with Maxie asking him to marry her is like twisting the knife. I don’t even think Josh Griffith would be this cruel.

James E. Reilly wouldn't even be this cruel lol


Luckily, it looks like the big reveal is going to continue tomorrow

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On 3/2/2021 at 5:21 PM, AbcNbc247 said:

That's Frank's way of keeping his friends and pets on the canvas: tie them to existing, likable characters in order to get fans to like them as well.


And honestly, they've tied so many characters and storylines to Peter and all of his stuff that I'm starting to forget some of it.

All this Peter stuff is too convoluted and frankly boring. Now this twist with Alex devane possibly being his mother is just another confusion. Kill him off already. 


As for giving Maxie a significant other I was thinking that they might as well have made the guy who plays Chase a recast for Nathan, instead of sticking Maxi with this guy.


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There really was no need for all that, Wes.

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    • Hahahahaha!!! You did not!!!   Good to hear you are well, Vee.   Looks like I'll be forced to work partially for Shot 2 Day. Those will be cameo appearances and no lie...sick or not I will be a bitch. Moreso since a day delay is better than what the actual post office is doing with people's mail currently in our area (though it has thankfully started to go back to notice post-He Who Shall Not Be Named).
    • It's a strange thing to bring up 40 years later lol.  There has to be more to the story.  Maybe he didn't get paid, but GH's use of it helped it become popular, therefore helped record sales.  Idk, it seems like the actual use of it on GH and the popularity and eventual record sales would be worth more than royalties from a soap opera?  I guess ideally he'd get both, but GH certainly doesn't have the money to pay him now lol
    • Yep - and that’s when the ratings really started falling off. The episodes during the latter half of the dream season were frequently  no longer even in the top 15.   Ratings had even started to decline a bit at the end of the previous season (1984-85). How many more times could you break up/reunite the couples, or have the Ewings fighting for Ewing Oil? Bobby’s death was a chance to reinvent the show. But the new writers/producers blew it. And Lorimar and the network were more than happy to go back to the tried and true for the 1986-87 season. But the gas in that tank was almost gone. After one decent season following Bobby’s return, the quality of the show plummeted.   The finale was another missed opportunity - in this case, to wrap things up nicely and go out strongly. CBS still hadn’t officially cancelled it when production started on the final episode. Hagman was still hoping for another season. So they designed an episode which would bring back old characters, but not force the writers to explain where the returnees disappeared to in case of another season. So we got another dream. Ugh. Victoria Principal said at the time she was willing to return to put a “coda” on her stint as Pam, but she didn’t want to be part of another cliffhanger. We could have had a great reunion for Bobby and Pam had the production company been willing to make the call on the series ending.
    • It's very unfortunate that there was so much complaining and whining about the format. I often think that soap fans have no foresight in terms of what can happen down the road. Neither AMC nor OLTL were "my shows" (I grew up watching CBS soaps, for the most part) but I was eager to watch these shows, thinking that perhaps the show of support would encourage other producers to want to 'dust off' other cancelled soaps and revive them, on a less ratings-focused platform, where they could get a little more time to build and grow. Yes, Prospect Park was a mess, but there might have other production companies who might have gotten the impetus to join the trend, and they might not have been a mess. Who knows? And all those people saying "I would've watched if it had been streaming on Netflix". Well, Netflix cancels shows the fastest of all the major streamers, so there was no guarantee that these reboots would have been renewed. Hulu was hardly the hinterlands of streaming platforms. I wish that fans of these shows would take the time to think and ponder the possibility that a genre that skews as old as daytime soaps might not get another chance to see another soap stream anywhere other than in bootleg clips and episodes of varying degrees of quality now because there was so much moaning and whining on previous efforts.         And you're right, House Of Cards was extremely popular, so there obviously was a mainstream audience watching dramas on streaming platforms.   As The World Turns fans keep talking about when AOL provided a streaming platform for that show's episodes but I guess that was seen as acceptable since ATWT was still airing on a terrestrial broadcast platform, rather than solely in cyberspace?   It would be nice to see a day when ATWT, GL, etc. could be streamed on Paramount+ but we'd only get soap opera die-hard fans complaining about the shows not airing in their regular T.V. time-slots.
    • Exactly why the others were annoyed at Kandi...decades in the entertainment and she can go DIRECTLY to the head (in this instance NBCUniversal...Bravo's boss) and make some changes. I could see Porsha feeling a kinda way about it since she's been doing good herself with her new RHOA contract, her now contract with that ent agency, hosting BRAVO CHATROOM, protesting, getting articles in the NY Times, etc. But...she has not been around long enough to do what Kandi did. Heck, I finally was able to read that Voices of Bravo article from a few pages back and did not even realize that Kandi reached out to NENE about this as well. In the middle of Nene and her lawsuit at that.    Power. To paraphrase BUFFY...Kandi got it. The other girls don't. This bothers them.    Which is what Kenya has said a few times this season as well. Married or not, if Kenya and Bolo had done something the girls would have been all over it. So when Kenya does it, they want to grab their pearls?    I agree with the antiheroine label.
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