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Well, looks like there's been talking (and some hottie pictures judging from the DAYS thread

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So...how was February Sweeps for you this year?










The depths of Hades?


How did it go for you? 

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DAYS won this sweeps by miles, which is sad because it was a C+ at best. (That is mostly due to standout actors who rose above the material like Emily O’Brien, Marci Miller, Lindsay Arnold, and Cady McClain. The stories themselves were pretty bad.)

GH is probably a D, and the Bell soaps will have to repeat the semester.

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16 minutes ago, Soapsuds said:

All soaps should get an incomplete grade... Comments: need more work, better cohesive writing, wasting quality time writing incomplete ridiculous boring uninspired stories.

Well, you get an A for those random picture droppings in the DAYS thread.

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A ++ 

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