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Which Soaps Did You Stop Watching, Come Back to, and Couldn't Enjoy Anymore?

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OLTL-To much Rex and Gigi.

Came back when A Martinez joined.

B&B-To much Hope.

Came back when Thorsten Kaye joined. Stopped again. Came back when Vincent Irizarry was for a few episodes.

Just watch bits and pieces now.

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I have dropped and picked back up soaps ( before dropping again) intermittently throughout the years but the most recent attempts had to do with B&B and Y&R. The last time I tried to resume viewing of B&B was likely when the show brought back the Avants, a half-hearted attempt by the show and me, as a viewer. It was a short-lived stay for both.

Y&R, I'll occasionally tune in, as I briefly did during the memorial for Neil. I also tuned in for a couple episodes to see what the Amanda character would be like. Also, to see Devon deliver a virtually socially distanced punch to Nate, but I don't expect much and I never planned on staying as a viewer. That time passed by a long time ago.

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