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Days: Soap Vet Departs

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3 hours ago, Antoyne said:

Just give Cady the role of Jennifer if Missy wants to stay home. She truly became Jennifer for me after initially always wondering how Missy would play certain scenes. But they gave meaty stuff pretty much from the start and she delivered like she’d always played the role.


35 minutes ago, AlexElizabeth said:

Yep, just bring Cady on permanently. She was great.


Agreed on all of the above. She's Jennifer to me now.

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Cady's Jennifer grounds the show for me, something a loopy show like DOOL needs. Her performance has a quality that reminds me of Erika Slezak as Viki and Victoria Wyndham as Rachel, the even keeled grace under pressure.

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I started casually watching AMC in 2001, but didn't start watching daily till summer 2003.  So I was not very familiar with Dixie, but knew all about her.  So maybe because I didn't have the history, I loved Dixie's return.  The darker turn for the character really, really worked for me and while I usually HATED Zach, I really liked his connection with her and really enjoyed her rivalry with Kendall.  I never loved anything to do with Kathy, but Dixie basically worked for me on every level then.  It was beyond disappointing losing her to the pancakes, but that was when Brian Frons was in full swing gutting ABC Daytime.  We unceremoniously lost Brooke right around the same time.  The end of McTavish was super rough.  Apart from some very brief periods, the last six-ish years of AMC were such a mess, imo.  Except for Broderick's interim stint and, of course, her close for the ABC run.  And I totally credit Broderick for how good the daily quality of Tomlin & Whitesell's "Days" was.  I'd kill for her to head write "Days."


Anyway about Jennifer . . . even though I really struggle with Missy on a personal level, I'm very unapologetic about loving her as Jenn.  But more than anything, I desperately want Jenn on canvas and think she's one of the show's most important characters, especially now.  And I did like Cady very much . . . it's just, for me, there was a missing connection, esp. with Abby and JJ . . . and when I see Missy's Jenn in the Horton home, it always feels SO right . . . but despite all that, Cady did a great job under tough circumstances.  If Missy isn't going to commit to returning or if she continues being so unavailable like for the last few years, I'd LOVE to have Cady on a long-term contract (whatever that means for "Days" now).

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6 hours ago, DynamiteKiddo said:

My thoughts exactly, it really worked for me as well. It was almost a perfect return, she was mixing up with new characters, she grown a bit of a backbone, her reunion with tad wasn’t being rushed, and the show wasn’t that dark because Janet was pulling her shenanigans all over town at the same time. Let me see if I can find the Marci Gras ball to rewatch.

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