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Academy Award winning filmmaker finds no takers among streamers for his new doc

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Interesting article, I happened to come across. It describes how an award winning director's documentary about the crown prince of KSA was rebuffed by, pretty much every major streaming platform out there.

At the root cause-- the quest for maximum profits from deals made abroad, even in countries where oppressive regimes are in control.

The following quote, in a nutshell describes this aspect.

Someday there's got to be an honest discussion about Hollywood over-dependence on franchise movies, in addition to focusing on almost exclusively on making corporate profits, and this has inevitably weakened film culture in America.

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14 hours ago, I Am A Swede said:

Sad, but not unexpected. Money talks louder than anything else.....


Sad but true.

The strange thing is that, chasing dollars has limits. The blockbusters and franchise movies may do great individual box office $$$ but the industry overall continues to lose money, year over year.


It's similar to the U.S. economy, that has benefited some individuals with vast wealth, while the majority of the country's wages have either stagnated or fallen. Not a healthy picture overall.

And that was before the pandemic, which I suspect has changed movie-going habits for awhile. Since there have been no investment in building a cinema culture, in about at least generation, it will be interesting whether the entertainment industry decides to revert to their old systems that were already in decline, or try something new-also whether they feel that they'll have a real choice in the matter of how they respond (Narrator: "there's always a choice).

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