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Netflix: Bridgerton (from Shonda Rhimes)

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I finished season 1 last night. While the show was definitely worth watching and the overall look is stunning, the story was a bit too thin and superficial for my taste.
We didn't even get to know half of the main characters and their backstories – which is no surprise because you can't write for 20 main and 10+ supporting characters in a span of 8 episodes.


I also find the casting quite off in some instances. With the exception of Anthony and Eloise, the Bridgerton children didn't hook my interest whatsoever because I just find them bland and soulless (yes, also Daphne). They were mostly only reacting to stuff that happened to other people. The Bridgerton mother is also quite expressionless. I know they are all supposed to be sweet, innocent and angel-like, but they could still have distinctive personalities. But maybe this will be fixed in the upcoming seasons.


My favorites were the aforementioned Anthony and Eloise, plus Penelope, Lady Featherington and Lady Danbury.

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There'll be more about the rest in other seasons, they're doing 1 book a season. Next Season is Anthony's, then Benedict's and so on

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Rege was a pretty good host. He did good accent work, sang, danced, and had comic chops too. All the clips are on SNL's Youtube channel if you want to see them. 

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