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Y&R November 2020 Discussion Thread


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On 11/3/2020 at 2:08 AM, ranger1rg said:

BTW, that jewelry Jack had made from Dina’s emerald? I think he should have found a better jeweler, because those pieces look like boring junk.

Didn't see it but it was probably better than Quinn the amazing Jewelry designer on B&B and that stuff came from Dollar General or Claire's.  They would have their fashion shows and her "jewelry" featured and it came from Dollar Tree/Dollar General/Claire's.  

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1 minute ago, Paul Raven said:

Probably got the jewelry from the same crowd that supplies the 'artwork' and decor items that grace the homes and businesses of the GC millionaires.

Seriously, take a good look at the cheap and ugly trinkets in the backgrounds of most of the sets.

I know we’ll never have the sumptuous Y&R of yesteryear, but this show is tacky tacky tacky.

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I’ve complained about it before but it bares repeating, the social distancing SUCKS. There has got to be a better way to film this safely without people standing a mile apart. Like please cut all the long shots where the distance is super noticeable and awkward.

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18 hours ago, detroitpiston said:

Watched the last two episodes


I was a OG Phick fan...they got nothing now. Its just a lot of awkward attempts at flirting. Stafford is always doing too much, those scenes with Phyllis vs Victoria had 0 grit or even fun because of it


This Adam stuff they're trying ain't working for me.


Chelsea living at the Chancellor mansion is ??? Credit to MCE for staying comfortably perched on this show tho 


Please don't try Sally with Jack  


They should go ahead and make Summer a drug addict or something to give her wishy washy behavior more of an anchor. It doesn't work without one


This Faith stuff only works because we've seen this actress grow up on the show

The adam stuff... i just dont get why they are making him go insane. I think mark has charisma. And has good rivalry chem with amelia. Put them in a business story together. It didn't work last year when billy was going nuts and having his voiceovers either.

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Ya Abby has gone through so many men this past decade Daniel, Alex, Tyler, Stitch, Scott, Arturo, Zack, Nate.....did I leave anyone out? And yes she has been engaged multiple times with her only marriage to being to Stitch and we saw what a mess that was. Definitely agree we need a new Chance though. 


Adam getting shot is getting old, I wonder if  the shooter is going to be Alyssa? 

@Soapsuds I think she comes on later this month. 

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