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DAYS: 11/2/2020 Weekly Preview

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Monday, November 2
Eli wakes up to find himself in the hospital with Lani
Ben confirms that Vincent killed Ciara
Tripp bears his soul to Ciara’s grave
Kayla then urges Steve to tell Tripp about the test

Tuesday, November 3
Tripp is shocked and angry when he learns from Allie that Kayla ran a DNA test
Kate tells Roman how Allie was raped in London
Shawn persuades Ben he must find some way to carry on
Gwen interrupts a romantic moment between Chad and Abigail

Wednesday, November 4
Allie tells Nicole the DNA results came back
Steve feels compelled to take his son’s word on the results
Lani panics when she finds Eli missing from the hospital
Justin tells Bonnie he forgives her

Thursday, November 5
Abigail throws a party honoring her parents
Jennifer runs into Bonnie, and worries she’s pursuing Justin
Kate runs into Jake on her way to the party and invites him to join her
Jake bails Ben out of jail

Friday, November 6
Jack and Jennifer’s friends and family help them celebrate their anniversary
Abigail is deeply shaken after finding a letter from Jack to Kate
Theo comes home and surprises Abe
John and Marlena reminisce about their years of marriage

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This is the most interesting promo I've seen in a while. The write ups for this week's episodes sound really good too. I wonder what really happened while Jen was in a coma.


Also, I can't help but think that the mystery of Allie's rape and Baby Henry's paternity and Tripp's involvement won't be ending this week.

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Oh yeah, they're making no effort with social distancing - on one hand it looks awful on Y&R/B&B, but on the other hand once a cast member gets infected (and it will likely happen due to the increase in spreading) it'll get ugly.

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5 hours ago, Taoboi said:

Hm. Toned butt.


*re-registers as Brandon Beemer's Toned Butt*

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3 minutes ago, te. said:


*re-registers as Brandon Beemer's Toned Butt*

lol. I was distracted, but correct. :)

3 minutes ago, te. said:


*re-registers as Brandon Beemer's Toned Butt*

lol. I was distracted, but correct. :)

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11 minutes ago, victoria foxton said:

Extended Promo

OOOooooo...like this one much better. 


It's just good seeing Lani/Eli have some drama.

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